Stop Saying that, Damn it! (Rant)

Okay, I have held back long enough on this topic and now I am just going to speak my mind and get it off my chest.

Dear Librarians:

PLEASE STOP making generalized comments about publishers. I get that you are really mad at HarperCollins and MacMillan and whoever else is trying to screw you over with eBooks. There are MANY publishers of all sizes who are more than willing to work with you on selling you eBooks on fair terms.

For weeks now, there has been constant complaining and blogging about those FEW publishers who want to cheat you. How does this make sense? As you continue to spotlight them in your Blogs and tweets and so forth you continue to promote them and lead people who otherwise might not have sought them out right into their greedy little hands.

Why not focus your attention and energies on the publishers who are BEGGING to work with you? Why not work with your Boards to make it possible to order from organizations other than the Big publishers.

I BEG of you, please take all the negative energy you are expelling on the bad guys and get to know the rest of us. Some of us actually have great books, print and eBooks and we would LOVE to sell them to you so you can loan them to your patrons.

I’m just sayin’!


2 responses to “Stop Saying that, Damn it! (Rant)

  1. If libraries would work with the smaller presses, they’d find a whole slew of new authors and open up more interests for their readers.

  2. Makes perfect sense to me!

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