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Independent Book Blogger Awards – Vote for me, Please

Bloggers, get out the vote!

I have successfully entered the Independent Book Blogger Awards. The polls are now open! It’s time to spread the word to my readers and drum up votes for my blog! Voting continues until 11:59 pm EDT, Monday, April 23. It is be okay with me if you want to Blog about these awards and let people know they can come visit my Blog so they feel good about voting for me.

There must be rules…


The rules: The polls allow one vote per person in each of the four categories, and voters must be Goodreads members so that we can accurately tally the results. When polls close, the top 15 blogs in each category will become finalists.


Winners will be selected from among the finalists by a panel of industry judges. Each of the four category winners will receive a pass to BookExpo America (June 5-7, 2012) with airfare and hotel accommodation in New York City.

For more details on rules and background on the judging process, please see the Contest Terms.

Key Dates:

  • Monday, April 9 (at 11:59 pm ET) – Deadline for entries
  • Tuesday, April 10 (12:01am ET) through Monday, April 23 (11:59 pm ET) – Voting
  • Week of May 1 – Shortlist of finalists announced
  • Week of May 7 – Winners announced

The awards are organized by the Association of American Publishers Trade Division members and Goodreads.

Let the voting begin!


The Mad Scientist (Author) returns!

Dark Shines My Love by Karen L. Syed

Don't want to be bothered with the contest? Click cover to buy a copy, no strings attached.

Okay, I have been trying to read the Blogs of others with the hope of discovering something that will help me increase my exposure as an author. Lots of people know me as a publisher and all around cool gal, but I still get so many surprised looks when I mention that I write. Huh, you woulda thunk it?

So, I’ve been trying up the level of promotion for the books and stories I have written. Not too happy with how that is all working. So, I have devised a fiendish…er…clever plan to let people know that I write. I’m going to give away books. ::gasp:: Can it be? Yeah, I know, it’s been done. But…

Here’s what I am proposing. I’d like to find new readers, perhaps those who do not read my Blog (Life as a Publisher), follow me on Facebook, or revel in my brilliant wit on Twitter. I would like to give a FREE download of my book, DARK SHINES MY LOVE, to the first five people who post a request on this Blog (if you’ve already read it, let’s give someone else a chance.)

In return, I would like each of those five people to pass that book on to ONE reader. Someone they know who has not read or heard of me. Once the book has been passed on, I would like the recipient of that book to hop onto my Blog here, and post who gave them the book. Then when they are finished reading it, I would like THEM to give it to ONE other person, and have them do the same thing. And so on. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble I’d like to know where you are from as well.

My goal is to follow the travels of those books through to March 31, 2012. Clear as mud?

On April 1, 2012 (yes April Fool’s Day-but this is no joke) I will do a random drawing from the names on this post and give away a $10.00 Gift Card. I know, it’s not much, but I’m giving this book away.  LOL

And even if you have read the book and aren’t giving away copies, please feel free to share this news with others. Oh yeah, and if you own it, don’t share that copy, the download I am using for this is a Special Edition.

So, who’s with me?

About the book:

Contemporary Romance

Darkness surrounds Patric LeClerc. Blinded in a tragic accident years before, he does nothing but drive everyone away with his anger and resentment over the life he’s been cursed with.

Everyone, that is, except Callie Carpenter. Desperate for a home and a job after the break-up of her dreadful marriage to a wealthy but abusive man, she tries to restore Dark Gardens Plantation to its former glory.

Patric lets his guard down and shows her that deep within, a spark of warmth and humanity still glows. Soon she finds herself more interested in him as a man than a patient. When her ex threatens to take away her son, Callie and Patric join forces to try to save the boy.

But can Patric’s dark past ever allow him to see Callie’s love for him, or will he drive her away as well, for having come too close to the true, if vulnerable, Patric LeClerc?

A few reviews:

“A moving novel…the love scenes are marvelous. This is an enjoyable story that will make you laugh, cry, and be glad you read it.” –Romantic Times Magazine aka RT Booklovers)

“A beautiful, moving story. Alexis Hart has the amazing ability to generate characters that literally step off the page in three-dimensional form. The dialogue is well developed and the entire story is a hauntingly accurate tale concerning a serious issue. I loved Patric from the first moment he appeared and Callie was as real as if I were standing next to her. Well done. Ms. Hart has written another winner.” –Leslie Burbank, author of To Tame a Viking

Be Still My Heart (Contest)

Every author craves reviews for their books. We love to hear what our readers think. Sometimes the news is good, sometimes not, but we want to know. Bottom line is we all want to be loved by readers. Rumor has it, reviews even sell books.

I am looking for reviews for all of my works, short stories and novels. Here’s what I’m gonna do.

You can read any of my published works and when you post your review into the comments section of this Blog post, you will be entered to win one of three lovely prizes…or my version of lovely prizes.

Post your review by Midnight February 13, 2012 to qualify.

  1. 1 person will receive a $25.00 GC to
  2. 1 person will receive a signed print copy of “Lost and Found.”
  3. 1 person will receive a FREE eBook download of any of my books.

Here’s the catch. I need to see at least 25 reviews to give away the Gift Certificate. If I don’t receive 25 reviews, I will only give away the 2nd and 3rd items.

I would love it if you would post your reviews all over the place, but it’s only required that you do it on my Blog for this contest. I can be flexible.

Here is what I have out there. You can find them at Amazon/Kindle,,  Smashwords, OmniLit, and all manner of other places that sell books and eBooks.

  • Lost and Found (Novel)
  • Dark Shines My Love (Novel)
  • Too Fast for Love (Novella)
  • Seducing Cupid (Short Story)
  • Devlin’s Wicked Wish (Short Story)
  • An Angel’s Wish (Short Story)