Karen’s Family Tree

So, I’ve been working on my family tree for about ten years now. Not full time and not regularly, but bits and pieces. So about a year ago, I started finding family members on Facebook, or rather, they found me. Since that time, I’ve linked up with about thirty relatives. Some I knew as a child and lost track of, others are new finds for me. At any rate, it is exciting and interesting to learn more about where I came from and what my relatives did.

For years, I have been listening to family stories, you know…

1.) We are related to the Presidents Harrison (not finding that link.)

2.) I am the descendant of an Indian princess. (Um, that one isn’t looking so good either, though you are welcome to refer to me as “Your Highness.)

3.) My ancestors founded “The House of David,” in Berrien, MI. (This might be a shock to those who actually did form that little commune.)

4.) One of my great+ grandfathers was a millionaire. (But we were disowned, and I can’t find anyone worth more than $1348. Go figure.)

So, as you can see, things have not gone as planned, but I can tell you, I am having a blast, and most days I have to force myself back to work and offer myself bribes on getting work done so I can trace some more.

With all that said, here is a list of the major names I am researching. If you have info or think we might be related, don’t be shy, speak up. I am an Ancestry Ace on Ancestry.com, but I still have a lot to learn.

Maternal Surnames: Dutch

  • Baar/Debaar (Michigan by way of the Netherlands) – my grandfather
  • Nichoff/Niehof
  • Davis (Michigan by way of New York and Massachusetts) – my grandmother
  • Silver (England, Massachusettes, Canada, Michigan)
  • Colby
  • Sargent
  • Harrison
  • Moore/More
  • Whitson
  • Steere
  • Kelley/Kelly
  • Dix
  • Westcott
  • Seel
  • McLouden

Paternal Surnames: Negro

  • Jones (Indiana by way of Tennessee) – my grandfather
  • Thompson (Indiana by way of Tennessee and Mississippi) – my grandmother
  • Evins (Mississippi)
  • Barba
  • Galloway

3 responses to “Karen’s Family Tree

  1. Hi Karen,
    I am related to both the Colbys and Sargents. I am also on ancestry.com
    my maiden name is Kristin Lyle Gaffney look me up there to see our link. I have a public tree.

  2. I am looking hard for the connection. I wish I could get my hands on their roster of members. It has been interesting to learn about the community, kinda creepy sometimes, but interesting.

  3. Karen, I’m excited to read the things you will write about genealogy and family history. While your family may not have founded the House of David in Berrien, are they connected to it at all? I have a great-great-grandmother who was part of that community and died there in 1917.

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