Where’s Karen?

I don’t do a lot of interviews and guest Blogs (I probably should do more) so I thought perhaps I would offer up a place where you can click on a link and see the awesomeness that others can cast upon me. The interviews and such that I have done have been super and I’d hate to think you missed out on the chance to read them. And they are in no particular order and some of them might be a couple years old, but still kinda fun.

I hope that if you do take the time to visit those links that you will also take another minute and leave a note. Bloggers work really hard to give you good content and sometimes it is frustrating to think no one is reading it. So if you read it, just say hi…oh, and tell a friend.  🙂

So each of the following links leads to a fabulous Blog that thought I was cool enough to talk to. And thanks to all those Blogs for having me.

Writers on Reading

Blog Critics Books



Articles/Guest Blogs I’ve written over the years:

Bobbing Around Vol. 11 #4: Zombies, Vampires and Young Writers

Blogging Authors: Who Needs Writers

Starla Kaye: Character Interview: Allison Ryder and Wilfred Hoyt Share Their Story

The Comfort Zone


Tips for the Traveling Author

The Page is Your Stage

My Personal Best

A Man’s World – Or Not!

WYSIWYG: Walking the Professional Runway (this is my most notorious article to date)

The Proof is in the Pudding: Publishing and How it Works for you

Stress and the Writer: I’ve Got a Pen and I’m Not Afraid to Use it

Dangerous Trends in Publishing

10 Steps Closer to Publication








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