I am just tickled. I planted some flowers in a little circle in the front yard and made a

cheezy little bird bath/butterfly pond. This is my first official flower as a new

gardener. Isn’t it perfect??

This is the first bloom on one of the sweet pepper plants I started from seed. I am seeing

several more buds, but this was too pretty not to share.

This is my most beautiful cucumber so far. There are about 20 on the vines, but this one

is the most lovely and measures a whopping 2″ already. I am seeing a huge future for it.

These babies are the fruit of lots of love and prayer. This is the mater plant that froze twice.

This shows 2 of the 5 maters on it. One measures 3″ across, the other 3.5″. They are lovely!

These are the tomatoes on one of the mater plants that I started from seed. Someone

said I probably would not get fruit the first time around, but these eight bushes have

about 40 maters on them. Wooweee!

Some day this little beauty will grow up to be a wonderful vine filled with succulent

concord grapes that will give me days of wonderful belly aches.


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