If you look real close you can see the precious little cucumbers on the beginning of their journey.

I have 24 of them hidden beneath all those lovely green leaves.


 My first batch of starter tomatoes are doing better than could have dreamed.

Yesterday, I did discover what has been eating holes in my other mater,

these ugly little caterpillar work-looking thing

I think it is getting time to trim up my onions,

but I am finding conflicting info on when and how to do this.

Anyone have any tips on how I am supposed to help them grow,

This is the tree I am cleaning up around so I can plant my cantaloupes and some strawberries.

But I did pay attention when an expert told me not to plant right up against the tree.

I am doing three rings. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish the pre-digging.

This is where we are on the pool. They have done the gunite already, and they smoothed

out the deck area for the plumbers to come. After the plumbing, our next step is the tile

and deck. All very exciting!


Irow 2, cell 1

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