When they came to dig up the sod to begin the new pool, the guys
in the Bobcat were sweet enough to scoop out two more garden beds for me.

I could not be happier with the progress of my maters and my sweet peppers.
The maters and peppers from another view.
They have come a long way since  3/22/12.
Speaking of Maters…my Cherries are coming in nicely. If you dig around in the bush, you will find about 15 of them right now.
It’s just my opinion, but this is one fine looking Cherry mater
plant for having been frozen twice.
I don’t know, these green beans look like they are doing damn good.
What do you think?
I could not be more pleased with my Cucumbers. They look wonderful. I was told I could grow them in a bucket like this, but I think they might need to be in something bigger.

One response to “4-1-2012

  1. My, how healthy you’ll be! The plants look like they’re thriving, and I’m really envious of that cherry mater. Good for you!

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