My Personal Silver Lining

James_Silver_Jr-family-1915I posted a piece earlier about my grandmother’s connection to a Silver line. I’ve done a lot more searching since then and have filled in a LOT of blanks. I have discovered that our roots go back to 1599 England, at least that’s all the fartehr I  have managed to get back so far.

I expected many things from my research, but ever since my DNA test, I have wondered just how much of our family history (the part that I keep hearing from my mom) is accurate. There is lots of talk about our Indian (and that would be Native American to you PC people) heritage. Trouble is, I have not found a single trace. I am unsure how it would show up in my DNA, but it didn’t. Below is the relationship chart I have with Thomas Silver. He is NOT Indian.


I have always been confident about our Dutch heritage, you can look at most of my family and see that. I have put that branch of the tree on hold right now because I am enjoying the things I am learning about the Silver line that sailed over and settled in the new colonies (Massachusettes).

With all that said, I have started a Silver Genealogy group on Facebook and if you can trace your heritage back to one of my Silver ancestors, I would invite you to join me and we can share information and perhaps work together. The group is 


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