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Puzzle Piece Found

George Henry Jones

That’s my daddy! George Henry Jones.

As some of you may know, I have been working on my family tree for about 30 years now. This has been no easy task since I have just mixed ethnicity. For those not in the know, My father was a Negro and my mother was Dutch. I have had great success in tracking my mother’s lines, but my father’s have been…challenging.

Over the last three weeks, my friend and I have been driving from state to state searching our roots. One of my most difficult line is my father’s lines. The are Negros from Mississippi, North, Carolina, and Tennessee during the slave era. OY.


Karen, Michael, and Jeannie Jones 2018

At any rate, this past week I went to Lansing, MI to see my sister and brother. Jeannie, Michael, and I share a father. I got to spend a week with my sister about 30 years ago, but had never met my brother. Last week was the first time the three of us had EVER been together at the same time. To tell you it was incredible does not do it justice. It was like finding a part of myself.

Jones_George_Henry-Karen_Louise-1967-MIAs my sister and I sat looking through pictures, I found something I had long ago given up hope of finding. Jeannie had run across a picture and she didn’t know who it was. I knew immediately upon looking at it that it was me and my father. I felt like I had won the lottery. My whole life I have ever only had one picture of my father, none of us together.

For nearly three weeks, we drove across so many states and hit so many libraries, and the last night of my trip I discover the piece of the puzzle I have been missing. Actual proof of me and my father together. What a glorious feeling.

A Gem of a Deal

Went to the flea market with my aunt and uncle this past Sunday and I found the best deal. I have been looking for shelves to display my gemstones on, but could not find a resonably priced one. But alas, I found a beauty.

Got this little baby at the low price of $10.00 and it looks lovely directly in front of my desk. I can enjoy the beauty and the energy as I work. Woohoo!

gemstones-1 gemstones-2 gemstones-3

These would look so cute on you…

Click Image to BUY NOW!

Click Image to BUY NOW!

It’s never too early to start picking up your holiday accessories.

Traditional red and green with silver filigree accents, these darling earrings will get you into a festive mood and have you humming carols in no time.

A portion of this items proceeds will be donated to “Donate Life.” This does not suggest any endorsement from the organization, only my desire to support the awareness of Organ Donation after receiving my heart transplant in May 2015.

All items in this shop are handmade by me and I apologize for any “quirks” as I am on numerous prescriptions that cause tremors. My only desire is to support awareness.

**To DONATE an items, please use the following coupon code at checkout. The item will NOT be shipped to you, but will be given to someone who needs the support. (Coupon Code: Donate1)

Hurry Up and Wait

Click to Go Red!

Click to Go Red!

Well, this week is ending on a high note. Oh wait, that’s a scream of frustration. Spoke with my (TC) transplant coordinator this morning and they have changed my Heart Cath test until May 20th. It’s only 3 weeks, but it will seem like forever. I am not very good at patience and this one is really hard.

TC says this is good because they want my knee to be much more healed and me being in better physical condition for the test. I get it, but I am not happy.

This week has been particularly difficult as it has a lot of focus o my mother. The 27th will be one year since she passed. I never would have imagined I would miss her this much. I actually have nightmares about disappointing her and letting her down. Those of you who know us can appreciate the irony in that. I think that the more I talk about her, the less angry I become. So many things I still don’t understand, but I am realizing there isnothing I can do about them now.

Proform Hybrid Trainer

Proform Hybrid Trainer

Finally getting settled in the house. Still somewhat difficult to get around without getting hung up on stuff, but it’s getting easier each day. Yesterday the world’s greatest neighbor came over and helped hubby put together our new Hybrid Trainer. Once the knee is a little better, I will get on that horse and get into shape. I want to make that Mayo Cardio Rehab team proud. And myself.

I can also tell you that it feels great to be back to work. Being able to concentrate a bit more is a good thing. Oh and I watched birds having sex in my back yard…or maybe just fighting…hard to tell. LOL

A Doctor with Ethics?

Support the cause! Click now!

Support the cause!
Click now!

Could it be true? Don’t get me wrong. I have been fairy pleased with my cardio doctors over the past few years. A few complaints, but overall. I do feel like I have made a few trips to the offices for little or no reason. But isn’t that what doctors do?

For the record, I am most pleased with my transplant team at Mayo in Jacksonville.

But since I am back in Orlando I had to make an appointment to see my regular cardio doc. So I make an appointment for today and I am all set to go. Then I get a phone call from the Orlando Heart LVAD center and the gal tells me that my cardio doctor has contacted them and that she is not familiar enough witht the LVAD or comfortable with treating me. She rescheduled my appointment with an LVAD doc in the same building and at the same time. She did this without having me come in to see her and charging me an office visit. I am impressed.

heart-ribbonAs for my fall on Monday night, I have several new lumps and brusies, but nothing serious. I hurt like hell, but don’t seem to have done too much damage to the bad knee. Thank goodness.

Home vs. Home

Randy Travis' LVAD device

Randy Travis’ LVAD device

Well, it has been a long four months, but I am finally home. As some of you know, I had to go up to Jacksonville to the Mayo Clinic to be evaluated for the heart transplant list. I have been initially denied because of the high presures in my lungs, caused by the overexurtion of my barely functioning heart. After some very serious consideration I decided to get an LVAD. Many of you may not know what that is. It is the Left Ventricular Assist Device (Randy Travis and Dick Cheney both received one.) You can see from the links that they were very different devices. Mine is the one that Dick Cheney got.

Dick Cheney LVAD device

Dick Cheney LVAD device

At any rate, after I received the device on Dec. 17, 2013, I had to spend the next 3 1/2 months at the Gabriel House of Care. The people that I met during my stay have touched my life in ways I never could have imagined. I made friends, I mean real friends, who went out of their way to help me, both physically and emotionally. I did my best to return the kindness.

Spending so much time in a single place with the same peple for months, makes them like family. You get used to seeing them every day, talking to them, eating meals with them, and laughing and crying with them. On Thursday I came home–to my physical home. The house we bought in Orlando. I think it might be one of the most difficult things I have done. I had to leave people I came to care about and love to be where I live.

Gabriel House of Care, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

Gabriel House of Care, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

It has been a very difficult journey, I have spent several days, and nights, in tears, I have also found myself getting reaccustomed to my home. Given my situation, it seems odd to say that home is where the heart is, but it is also very true. Sometimes it is excruciating to have my heart in so many different places.

There are so many people who I met at Gabriel House, but the ones who stand out did remarkable things for me. Thank you, Lavon, Cindy and Dearl, Sandie and John, Sharon and Tonyia, and Mike and Valerie. There are so many others, but I could write all day.

As time goes by I will be lettig you get to know some of the people I have met. You will love them.

And don’t forget, people need you! Become an organ donor. My heart depends on it.

Digital Photo Restoration by Deborah Collin (Review)

Digital Photo Restoration: What to Do and How to Do ItDigital Photo Restoration: What to Do and How to Do It by Deborah Collin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another excellent resource from Deborah Collin. This time, she is giving us the inside scoop on how to deal with photos and images when working on genealogy or any other projects. One of the biggest problems I have run across is figuring out how to restore old images that I have rescued from some evil box. In the past, I have tinkered, but could never quite figure out exactly how to make the outcome worth all the time I had invested in the image.

Ms. Collin gives solid and practical instructions on exactly what to do. I do not follow instructions well, but hers were clear enough that I actually understood them. Her insight into various graphic programs is excellent. I have learned of several new programs that just might save me from more gray hair.

As usual, Deborah Collin has written a book that is good enough to be worthwhile and still simple enoough for anyone to use. I especially like a writer who doesn’t feel the need to talk down to readers. I always feel like she is talking “to me” as she explains things and that makes learning easier.

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