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Pearls for Pleasure

Today’s new item is a carryover from yesterday, but even better. I have taken the Pearl Delight pattern and added a matching necklace. I really do love this set, and pearls in general because you can easily dress them up or keep them casual. Too awesome! And don’t forget, if you want to order any of these items or anything else, you can use paypal.me/KarenSyed. Simply let me know what items and sizes you want.

I hope you will take a few moments and share my links and shop info with friends. So many people are waiting for transplants and a portion of the proceeds from my sales go to Donate Life as they struggle valiantly to educate people on the need for organ donors. Your purchase will help save a life.


Pearl Delight Necklace 20″ size cusomizable $15.00 usd


Pearl Delight Bracelet 7″ size customizable $10.00 usd


Pearl Delight Earrings 2″ $6.00 usd


Pearl Delight Set size cusomizable-necklace/bracelet $21.00 usd save $5.00 on full set

Don’t you love Shopping?

I have made it even easier to purchase items from Crafts for a Cause. I now have a Paypal Pay.me link for purchases outside of Etsy or Facebook. It seems not everyone wants to purchase from Etsy stores, but still want to buy things. So, many of you asked, and I have listened. Whenever you see a post on here, or Facebook, or even Instagram, you can use this link paypal.me/KarenSyed to purchase that item or anything else. If you are purchasing more than one item, please send a note indicating what items and sizes you want. From now on, I will post if something is limited availability or can be customized. I hope this makes your purchases from Heart of a Hero easier and less stressful.

I am also including some new items that are available for purchase. To purchase any or all of these items you can click on paypal.me/KarenSyed. If there is a different color pearl you would like, you can fill out a customer request on the Etsy store or send a request to me at karenlsyed@gmail.com. I live to please.


Pearl Delight Mint Bracelet 7″ size customizable $10.00 usd


Pearl Delight Mint Earrings 2″ $6.00 usd



Pearl Delight Vintage Rose Bracelet 7″ size customizable $10 usd



Pearl Delight Vintage Rose Earrings 2″ $6.00 usd

Have a Heart

Karen_Transplant-before-afterYeah, I know, it’s corny. But once you’ve had two open heart surgeries and one of them included a new heart, you kinda have a right to make all the corny jokes you want.

That’s right, on May 15, 2015 I received a heart from an organ donor. I don’t know who she is, but I know she was in her thirties, and pretty sure she was from Georgia. Point is, she gave me her heart. She may not have known it would be me who got it, but she made it available. My heart breaks (no pun intended there) when I think about what her friends and family have gone, and are going through, with her loss. At the same time, I am so glad I’m alive to spend time with my friends and family. While I lay in the hospital bed, I kept thinking about how I would ever repay that kindness.

Then the transplant meds made the decision for me. I had, and sometimes still have, the most horrible tremors. I knew I would have to do something to help me regain some of my steadiness, so I started beading. At first it was just Angels, then people asked if I made jewelry, so I tried it and discovered I could. I was a bitch, but I did it. In August 2015 I opened my Etsy store, Heart of a Hero. I did so in honor of my heart donor. Without knowing her name, there was little else I could do. So, as I sell my pieces, I donate a portion of the proceeds to Donate Life.* (They do not endorse me in any way, probably don’t even know who I am, but given the situation, I knew exactly where I wanted to donations to go.)

AA-2007-WebAd-DestinyHaving said all that, I will remind each of you reading this, that you can be a hero. Be an organ donor. Some people say they don’t have any good organs, but there are so many others ways to be an organ donor, eyes, skin, etc. To read a really good story about how many people can be helped by one person, visit Joey Gase, NASCAR Xfinity driver. It is a heart warming story.

Anywho…forgive the upcoming corny remarks, but when I make a necklace, a bracelet, a wire sculpture, or anything, I put my whole heart into it. I am the first to admit that my work is not perfect, but the effort and the reason are the most important parts to me. I’m alive because I was given a gift, a precious gift. I hope you’ll consider hanging out and watching my skills improve and even purchase some items to help spread the word about the need for organ donors. It truly is a matter of life and death.


My first wire tree sculpture. Click image to purchase.

These would look so cute on you…

Click Image to BUY NOW!

Click Image to BUY NOW!

It’s never too early to start picking up your holiday accessories.

Traditional red and green with silver filigree accents, these darling earrings will get you into a festive mood and have you humming carols in no time.

A portion of this items proceeds will be donated to “Donate Life.” This does not suggest any endorsement from the organization, only my desire to support the awareness of Organ Donation after receiving my heart transplant in May 2015.

All items in this shop are handmade by me and I apologize for any “quirks” as I am on numerous prescriptions that cause tremors. My only desire is to support awareness.

**To DONATE an items, please use the following coupon code at checkout. The item will NOT be shipped to you, but will be given to someone who needs the support. (Coupon Code: Donate1)

Small obstacle, my arse!

Well, I am home from my first week in hell. To say I am exhausted would be a gross understatement. I underwent so many tests I cannot even remember them all. I do know there was lots of poking involved and that just sucks. We have run into a small obstacle.

whaaatWhat they were able to find out is that I am considebrably sicker than they thought I was. After everything, we have determined I have a longer journey than expected.

I go to committee on Thursday. This means all the people who saw, and talked to, and poked me, will get together with the folks who decide whether or not I can go on the list. Chances are I will be rejected. I know, right. After everything I have been through. How can they do this to me?


Click image to view larger.

At first I was horrified, but they explained that my pressures are too high and right now they could not put a heart in because my body would just ruin it again. I had no idea I was that sick. Too sick. So I will wait to find out if and when they will put in the LVAD. Once I get that, we will work to get my pressures down and then when they are down, I will go before the committee again to get approved.

It may be as soon as before the end of the year that the device goes in, but they assure me I will feel better once I have it. I met a couple folks who have the LVADs and I am not as freaked out as I was in the beginning. I am determined not to waste a heart.

It was weird, yesterday they doctor was talking to me about my condition and everything, and he touched on me being a writer and a publisher and he suggested I consider writing a book about my journey. He says that so many others could benefit from my experiences, the highs and lows, and everything.

Any thoughts on my doing this? I am by no means the only one going through this, but he says, not everyone can write it. I’d really like to know what you guys think. Ya’ll are my support system, even if we have never met. I rely on your positive notes and so forth, because I am sure as hell having a hard finding them on my own.