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Saving Annabelle

Saving_AnnabelleThere is a new story available at Kindle just in time to fill the virtual stocking on your young reader’s Kindle device. Don’t have young readers? This story makes a wonderful gift to yourself for an extraordinary holiday read. Don’t miss out on Mary Cunningham’s newest Max and Maddie (Christmas) Adventure. Saving Annabelle is a delight to read.

Saving Annabelle

“Nothing says Christmas like uncovering your tree and dragging it up the basement stairs.”

Thoughts like this leave Maddie shaking her head about her family’s pre-decorated, artificial monstrosity.

When an invitation from another friend leads Maddie, and her best friend, Max, on a trip to an abandoned farm, to find a real tree, they end up back in time, smack-dab in the middle of the Civil War. When they discover a lost girl named Annabelle, Christmas takes on a whole new meaning.


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Click Cover to Buy Bow!

Click Cover to Buy Bow!

My book is The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty, a humorous fantasy about a young god who just graduated from God School and it out to build his first universe.

I was delighted to find Karen, who was a great help with editing and evolving my book.  She has an amazing knowledge of grammar and she brought that extensive knowledge to bear on my book.  As a high fantasy, there were numerous people, places, and things that were made up and without any earthly precedent.  Karen found rules for hyphens, capitalizations, and much more.  She was extremely valuable in catching my spelling errors, often putting my spell checker to shame.

Never having gone through this process before, I was surprised to learn she did a series of edits, each time looking for different things.  Using this technique, she returned manuscripts to me with a class of corrections, which made it easier to incorporate the changes into my manuscript.

She was committed to a successful completion of my manuscript, so much so that she committed to working with me until I was 100% satisfied.

I certainly am!

 *Note: This book was an editorial project. No formats or artwork were provided by Sassy Gal.

Steve LeBel
Author of The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty

Digital Photo Restoration by Deborah Collin (Review)

Digital Photo Restoration: What to Do and How to Do ItDigital Photo Restoration: What to Do and How to Do It by Deborah Collin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another excellent resource from Deborah Collin. This time, she is giving us the inside scoop on how to deal with photos and images when working on genealogy or any other projects. One of the biggest problems I have run across is figuring out how to restore old images that I have rescued from some evil box. In the past, I have tinkered, but could never quite figure out exactly how to make the outcome worth all the time I had invested in the image.

Ms. Collin gives solid and practical instructions on exactly what to do. I do not follow instructions well, but hers were clear enough that I actually understood them. Her insight into various graphic programs is excellent. I have learned of several new programs that just might save me from more gray hair.

As usual, Deborah Collin has written a book that is good enough to be worthwhile and still simple enoough for anyone to use. I especially like a writer who doesn’t feel the need to talk down to readers. I always feel like she is talking “to me” as she explains things and that makes learning easier.

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