Well, today began with me on the sofa, sobbing into my husband’s arms. As you can see from the hoof prints in what used to be my green bean patch, there was an “incident.” The good news, the fucking deer like Marigolds.

Satan, I mean the deer, felt so good about his destruction, he saw fit to drag the remnants of one of the bean plants out of the garden bed. The three remaining plants (the other three were totally eaten) were dug up out of the ground and dragged around.
And just to make certain I could probably not save the poor little bean, the dog gamned deer nibbled on the roots. I hope it has a horrible stomach ache.
The lone survivor, found a few feet from the garden bed.
So, I found these little bright orange goopy balls in the cantaloupe patch.
What the hell are they?
These were the twelve cantaloupe plants I raised from seed. I had it on the schedule to get them wired up today because they had gotten tall and had all blossomed. As you can see by the evidence, Satan hit this bed hard as well.
And this is the only reminder of what, yesterday, was my sweet pepper patch. I could not even find the stalks of the other nine plants.

One response to “6-28-2012

  1. I’m so sorry!! I’ve had entire seasons rose-less because of the spawn of the devil. And wouldn’t you know, once the deer have had their fun with us, the problems don’t quit. This is the second year we’ve had to deal with destruction from underground — (cue scary music) … moles. Hate them.

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