Be Still My Heart (Contest)

Every author craves reviews for their books. We love to hear what our readers think. Sometimes the news is good, sometimes not, but we want to know. Bottom line is we all want to be loved by readers. Rumor has it, reviews even sell books.

I am looking for reviews for all of my works, short stories and novels. Here’s what I’m gonna do.

You can read any of my published works and when you post your review into the comments section of this Blog post, you will be entered to win one of three lovely prizes…or my version of lovely prizes.

Post your review by Midnight February 13, 2012 to qualify.

  1. 1 person will receive a $25.00 GC to
  2. 1 person will receive a signed print copy of “Lost and Found.”
  3. 1 person will receive a FREE eBook download of any of my books.

Here’s the catch. I need to see at least 25 reviews to give away the Gift Certificate. If I don’t receive 25 reviews, I will only give away the 2nd and 3rd items.

I would love it if you would post your reviews all over the place, but it’s only required that you do it on my Blog for this contest. I can be flexible.

Here is what I have out there. You can find them at Amazon/Kindle,,  Smashwords, OmniLit, and all manner of other places that sell books and eBooks.

  • Lost and Found (Novel)
  • Dark Shines My Love (Novel)
  • Too Fast for Love (Novella)
  • Seducing Cupid (Short Story)
  • Devlin’s Wicked Wish (Short Story)
  • An Angel’s Wish (Short Story)

3 responses to “Be Still My Heart (Contest)

  1. Does it count that I already reviewed “Lost and Found”? 😉 I’m putting the rest of these on my read-and-review list!

  2. I read your book AN ANGELS LIST. Yes it’s a short story, It’s also well-written, warm and entertaining. A little vignette, just perfect for changing one’s mood. For another feel-good, romantic story (a bit longer than this one) try Ms. Syed’s SEDUCING CUPID – another delightful tale from this fun, prolific romance author!
    Keep up the great writing!

  3. Karen, that sounds like fun.


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