It Never Gets Old

Lost and Found by Karen L. Syed

Almost 11 years ago, we started Echelon Press. It was a huge endeavor and there were times I honestly thought it would die a horrible death, but thanks to the support of many wonderful authors, we have continued to grow. When the company began, we had no authors and nothing to publish. So we did what any desperate small publisher would do–we published our own stuff.

The first book published by Echelon Press back then was my novel, Lost and Found. It was a fun novel to write and over the years I’ve never tired of reading it again myself. It’s one of my favorites. Well, the original cover (my own fault for demanding that design) was not so good and I’m pretty sure that’s why the sales were abysmal. So I left it in eBook format and took the print version down.

All these years later, I decided it was just too good to not have out there for all the world to read. So after many rounds of editing…I hate being edited…it was reissued in an updated eBook format. Several months later, and more rounds of editing…does that shit never end?…I have finally received copies of the new print version of Lost and Found.

Now, you can go and buy the eBook at all kinds of online retailers, and you can go and buy it at Amazon in print.

But wait! There is another option. You can get your very own personally signed copy directly from me. That’s right. Send $15.00 via Paypal to with your mailing address and I’ll sign and send you a copy. How damn cool is that?

They make great gifts for the romance novel reader in your life and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

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3 responses to “It Never Gets Old

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  2. *smacks forehead* … of COURSE that’s how to get autographed copies out there!

    I’m presuming that’s the new cover you’ve got there. It looks great. What a lot going on in what appears to be a simple image. Nicely done!

  3. Love the cover! Congrats on the new/old/new release!

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