Today’s TO DO List

Good Morning, my friends. Couple of reminders.
seducing_cupid-cvr1. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of my  valentine’s day short story, SEDUCING CUPID, on Kindle today. Some folks say it’s funny. And I do tend to crack myself up. Just sayin’. Oh, the important part, it is FREE today. Now run along.
2. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family you love them. Oh, yeah, I love you all!
3. Don’t give up on America, it is ours and WE will fix it with love, compassion, and sheer strength of will. WE ROCK!
4. If you pray, don’t pick and choose who you pray for. Pray for the world that we may all find our happy place.
jellybeandog5. Send Jelly beans. Not to the world. To me. Well, I guess you could send them to the world too. But send to me first, before you run out of stamps and money. Not that I am more important than the world, I just really want jelly beans.

While today I am battling a bit of a cold, I feel pretty good and will begin working on a NEW story idea! Right after I do some research on my very elusive ancestors on my DAVIS side. Evasive little buggers.

Have a super fantastic day.

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