Bonnet Creek Resort @ Disney (Review)

For those of you who enjoy timeshares and Disney, this might be of interest to you.

bonnetcreek.pngThe Bonnet Creek Resort is beautiful. We made an appt. via Sea World to attend a presentation regarding their membership opportunities. We knew what we were getting into and went willingly. We saw the presentation and Jay Im was best sales speaker I’ve ever seen. Our guide was very nice. And the tour of the facility was very relaxed and enlightening. We were doing great. Then we told t hem we would not be buying in. Our guide went and got someone else, and she pretty much told us we we were stupid for wasting their time when we obviously had no intention of “committing” when we got there. They kept lowering the price and we stuck with our decision to decline. So our guide gives us the paper to sign to decline and walks away, no good by, no bite me, nothing. Another guy rushes up and tells u to follow him to close out so we can get our free gift (7 nights vacation off their list, taxes only). We get to another table and the guy offers us a one time deal of getting almost what they offered inside for $100,000 for $58 a night for a year. Huh? We said no. He looked at us, let out a heavy sigh, handed us our papers and said go right at the blue sign. I began telling him what a lovely facility it…and he turned and walked away. Nothing.

Now, at this point, I would have actually recommended the idea to a couple other people, because it really was a good deal, but they are only nice to you until you say no, then you become invisible and unworthy of acknowledgement. Well, BITE ME.

When we got to the gifting center there was a nice young man, Angel-his name, who would give us our certificate for vacation. He was as nice as could be, offered a few tips, made eye contact, laughed with us and made us feel human again. I mentioned my displeasure with the previous few people and he looked me straight in the eye and said, “that is unfortunate. I am sorry that happened to you. I hope you enjoy the vacation in spite of it. He smiled and closed us out.

Thank you, Angel for being a kind person. I am giving the resort itself 4 stars (having not stayed can’t give higher.) It is a beautiful facility with tons of amenities right in the heart of Disney. I just hope the actual staff is better than the folks trying to sell the resort. I give them a 1.


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