Back to the Drawing Board

75a70d23ed80b9cf96b27ee5e9edbd5cIt has been a long time coming, but thanks to the support of my Facebook family, I am going to dust off the files in my “Works in progress” directory and see what I have. For those of you who don’t know, I used to be an author–before I was a .publisher. As hard as I tried (15 years worth) publishing did not work for me. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel like I let so many people down when I published their books. Someone asked me the other day if I ever thought about going back to publishing. I didn’t even have to think about it. No. The roller coaster of a ride was too much for me. I worked with some incredible writers–talented and supportive–, and then I had some who seemed to take pleasure in making my life miserable–spiteful and mean. But that is in the past. Publishing allowed me to make some incredible friends and I learned so much about the industry. Which leads me to now.

After looking at my directories, I have three projects worth considering as my jumping back in point. This is what I have. Which one do you think I should work on first?

  1. Tender Betrayer: A historical romance involving two people who were raised together by an overly zealous man of faith. The young boy and girl vow to be together always, but circumstances send the boy off. The young girl is left behind. A decade later, she has finally moved on and her life is showing potential…until he comes back! She is determined she does not need to be rescued, especially by the one who had abandoned her. (This is book one of a trilogy.)
  2. Petticoat Junction: A Liberation of Fools: A steampunk novel that introduces a young girl determined to find her brother who disappeared during the war. The young adventurer finds herself up against foes she can barely imagine, but finds help from several other displaced girls. These girls make their home on a renovated train car (reminiscent of The Wild, Wild West). The book has been potentially set as the opening of a 4-book series, with character personalities based on the elements. Adventure.
  3. Gumshue Inc: Dressed to Kill: Gloria Gumshue is a detective in retro-futuristic Chicago. 2020 rolls in, but the world seems to have fallen back in time, to flappers and prohibition. When Gloria gets her new assignment she discovers she is to protect the most well-known fashion designer in the world, who happens to be an old school chum of her mothers. When the client is murdered in front of the entire world, Gloria and her sidekick, must find the murderer. The job is incredibly difficult because everyone and their brother hated the victim. Then there is all the sexual tension between Gloria and her FBI nemesis. This is potentially the beginning of an ongoing series. Mystery,



2 responses to “Back to the Drawing Board

  1. I would love to have some familiar company jumping back in. I so miss the traveling and the events and meeting so many readers. I miss you. Oh, and duly scolded. Hugs

  2. I love all your ideas and will comment, but not before I first lambaste you for saying you feel you let down your authors. It rather shocks me to see those words. You let down no one. On the contrary, you gave hope and support to so many. You worked hard, trying so many new marketing and sales tactics, innovative promotional schemes, better avenues of exposure, spending any and all profits on keeping the business going–and for whom? The authors. At the expense of your own writing career. What a brave and courageous woman you are. Publishing isn’t for sissies. I learned so much from you and I will always, always be grateful. I could go on, but I believe I’ve scolded you enough.
    I personally like #1 and #2. All have potential, but the first appeals to me and the second one intrigues me — it has a more unique storyline.
    I’m happy you’re sticking your little toesies back into the pool. You’re too good not to. I am also thinking about it after a 3 year hiatus.

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