Hurry Up and Wait

Click to Go Red!

Click to Go Red!

Well, this week is ending on a high note. Oh wait, that’s a scream of frustration. Spoke with my (TC) transplant coordinator this morning and they have changed my Heart Cath test until May 20th. It’s only 3 weeks, but it will seem like forever. I am not very good at patience and this one is really hard.

TC says this is good because they want my knee to be much more healed and me being in better physical condition for the test. I get it, but I am not happy.

This week has been particularly difficult as it has a lot of focus o my mother. The 27th will be one year since she passed. I never would have imagined I would miss her this much. I actually have nightmares about disappointing her and letting her down. Those of you who know us can appreciate the irony in that. I think that the more I talk about her, the less angry I become. So many things I still don’t understand, but I am realizing there isnothing I can do about them now.

Proform Hybrid Trainer

Proform Hybrid Trainer

Finally getting settled in the house. Still somewhat difficult to get around without getting hung up on stuff, but it’s getting easier each day. Yesterday the world’s greatest neighbor came over and helped hubby put together our new Hybrid Trainer. Once the knee is a little better, I will get on that horse and get into shape. I want to make that Mayo Cardio Rehab team proud. And myself.

I can also tell you that it feels great to be back to work. Being able to concentrate a bit more is a good thing. Oh and I watched birds having sex in my back yard…or maybe just fighting…hard to tell. LOL


One response to “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Glad you’re doing better. Be strong and laugh that wonderful laugh I remember so well.

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