A Doctor with Ethics?

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Could it be true? Don’t get me wrong. I have been fairy pleased with my cardio doctors over the past few years. A few complaints, but overall. I do feel like I have made a few trips to the offices for little or no reason. But isn’t that what doctors do?

For the record, I am most pleased with my transplant team at Mayo in Jacksonville.

But since I am back in Orlando I had to make an appointment to see my regular cardio doc. So I make an appointment for today and I am all set to go. Then I get a phone call from the Orlando Heart LVAD center and the gal tells me that my cardio doctor has contacted them and that she is not familiar enough witht the LVAD or comfortable with treating me. She rescheduled my appointment with an LVAD doc in the same building and at the same time. She did this without having me come in to see her and charging me an office visit. I am impressed.

heart-ribbonAs for my fall on Monday night, I have several new lumps and brusies, but nothing serious. I hurt like hell, but don’t seem to have done too much damage to the bad knee. Thank goodness.


3 responses to “A Doctor with Ethics?

  1. Glad you’re ok, and so glad you’re getting good care!

  2. Every now and then we come across a specialist that still remembers they’re human beings. There is hope in the world! 😀

  3. http://www.welcomehomesa.com/women-bring-cardiac-support-group-to-sa/

    Have you heard Selena Rivera of San Antonio’s story? She was a pioneer in the LVAD’s and she completely recovered. The LVAD gave her heart the time it needed to heal. Very inspiring.

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