My Life as a Gardener #1

Well, with all the mess of the audit and my need to volunteer to be on the BOD and some committees for our Homeowners Association, and the day to day of running the business, I have once again over-extended myself. Moghis came home last night (I love my time alone, but I missed him horribly) and I woke up in tears this morning. Poor man might wish he had stayed gone.

At any rate, I did a bit of business this morning and then decided I needed to relieve some stress. What I am about to say may shock many, and make others giggle. I needed to go out and work on the gardening. I know, right. I needed to fuss in the dirt and plant things. So after an hour outside in my little garage/garden shed (heehee) I am back in and feeling tons better.

I began by planting some Derby (Bush) Beans in a big, bright yellow pot! I have read mixed reviews on whether beans grow well in pots, but I decided to give it a try. Once I get the next bed cleaned out and set, I will plant the rest of the seeds out there, then I will know for myself.

Next, I cleaned out all the yogurt containers that I had started the onions in and I started 8 Hale’s Best Jumbo Cantaloupes. We really like cantaloupes, but they are too expensive to buy right now, so this will hopefully solve the problem …hopefully. We  have these two trees in the backyard, quite small and don’t offer much shade at all, so I have decided to build a base around them (probably with bricks) and then build a sloped bed and use that when I transplant the cantaloupes. At some point I hope to plant strawberries inside the holes of the bricks. Should be lovely.

Lastly, I found two good size plastic (terra cotta-colored) pots. In each of those I planted a combination of Purple Coneflowers and Black-eyed Susans. When they bloom they should be stunning!

I am very shocked to find how soothing the act of planting things and watering and even weeding is for me. I used to view it as work and avoided it at all costs. But now it has become something I thoroughly enjoy.

Wednesday evening when I got back into town, I transplanted my onions–all 81 of them. And I am thrilled to say that one of our three concord grape plants has its first leaf!

How are your gardens doing?


2 responses to “My Life as a Gardener #1

  1. I’d stay away from Ferry Morse seeds…. They are known to sell seeds from Seminis and/or Monsanto. GMO.

  2. Hi Karen,
    With my black thumb, plants pray that I never get near them. And yogurt cartons don’t survive around here more than one minute after being emptied. My 75 pound Lab loves to destroy them. She thinks they are one of the greatest noisiest play toys. My stress relief is walking three miles a day with her.

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