Life as a Gardener #2

Well, today was a better day.

Did not get the garden watered yesterday, exhausted from working on the front sidewalk path. Our front garden area is filled in with lava rocks. I hate them and they are not very good when trying to start new flowers from seed. I don’t like the way they look either. So, I decided to take them out of the garden area and line the sidewalk and surround the mailbox with them. Possibly the driveway as well. This will prevent us from having to edge those areas when we mow the lawn.

However, I did not think it through. I spent four hours sitting on my numb arse, taking lava rocks out of one area putting them in a bucket after I cleaned them off, and then putting them into the new area. Of course, I had to edge, dig out, and weed the edge of the sidewalk before I could put the rocks back. But as you can see from the picture, I think it was worth it.

When I got up yesterday I had one new sprout in the green bean pot. It was barely poking out, but it was pretty exciting. So this morning I go out to check and that little sprout was full up. He was lovely. My first bean sprout! So a little while later it began to rain, which continued for most of the afternoon. When it finally stopped, I went out to make sure none of the pots had standing water. None did, but what do you think I found?

The bean pot has SEVEN full popped sprouts now. They are magnificent and they look so happy in that big yellow pot. I was giddy with pure joy. Might sound silly, but damn I love how it feels to grow things.

So, I mosey around to the back and low and behold we have a second cherry tomato on the plant. Woohoo, two at a time. A record for us. LOL Sad, but true. The tomatoes in the bed look good and strong and the pepper plants are looking stronger as well. I think I might actually do better with tomatoes from seed.

As a side note, I am going to dream about new ways to hunt and eliminate squirrels. I keep trying to explain to them–in rather colorful language–that I am feeding the birds, not their fat little hineys. So, they had better stop flipping my bird feeder over.

The cucumber plants, are splendid. The plants look lovely and hardy and I just know they are going to give us tons of the best cucumbers ever. My goal is to have cukes as yummy as those Zieglers. Lofty goal, I know, but I think I can do it.

Spent the entire day today watching repeats of Army Wives on Netflix and updating files and ISBNs and eBooks and all manner of things. Tomorrow it is back to editing.

Well, I have a lovely turkey, freshly roasted by me today in the kitchen waiting to be carved up for dinner. Hope you all have a super-duper night.


7 responses to “Life as a Gardener #2

  1. can you bolt the birdfeeders to something immovable so the little buggers can’t overthrow them?

    • Eventually, I will have a new one that won’t be so easy for them to tip, but until we get the pool in and the garden beds set, I don’t know where I will put it.

      Should have seen me this morning. Went out to yell at the damn squirrel, managed to terrify and run off a dozen or so birds, 2 rabbits, and a deer.

      Just doesn’t seem fair. Now they will all go tell their little nature friends not to come to my yard cause I am now that “Crazy lady who yells.”


  2. The entry made me smile to – and if you find that squirrel, let me know . He has been cleaning out my bird feeders! I am loving this spring and watching all the seedlings come out. Mucking about in the dirt really takes the troubles away! Thanks for this, Karen.

    • I am flabbergasted by how much I am enjoying it. Broke a nail, and other than the pain, I hardly even cared.

      Hubby was amused at the amount of time I wasted to make the Wanted poster. He seems to think I am overreacting. hmmm

  3. Could not help smiling while reading your post. Love your writing style. I too get excited when I see the seedlings poking out of the soil.

    • May I ask you a goofy question. What is it about my writing style you like? I know, I’m a goof, but I am trying to find my voice and I am kinda confused as to what people respond to the best when they read my stuff. I have tried funny, serious, dark, gloomy, adventurous, but not sure what works best for me.

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