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A Book is a Book is a Book is a Damn Book!

I just had a very frustrating moment and I want to share it with all of you out there. I have no idea where this post will go, but I am venting at this point. Let’s start with authors.


Why on earth do you all insist on breaking books down into these little itty bitty teeny tiny classifications? When you write a long story and get it published it is a BOOK! Right? Makes sense.

Why on earth do you refuse to accept that it doesn’t matter what format it is published in?

So some New York Times Best Selling author says eBook aren’t really books. Well, tell it to their publishers who I GUARANTEE are selling their books as eBooks now. Why? Because it is a BOOK! If that author doesn’t acknowledge their eBook as a “real” book then they damn sure better be refusing to take those NOT “real” royalties. But I’ll bet they are. There are so many people in this industry who keep insisting on putting everything into neat littel boxes. Well the world has to many damn boxes. Get out, see the world, live a little.

Who reads paperback books? READERS.

Who reads hardback books? READERS.

Who reads eBooks? READERS.

Who listens to/reads audio books? READERS!

Are you seeing a pattern here? Come on people, this isn’t about what is right or wrong, or good or bad. It is about choices. It’s about BOOKS!


Who decides what you read and in what format? You do. Exactly. Isn’t it fabulous that you have choices? Sitting in the tub and want a paperback? You got it. That’s a choice. Laying by the pool and more comfortable with a hardback? Woohoo! You’ve got a choice! Traveling to Europe for three weeks and your suitcases are already over the weight limit and you haven’t packed any of the ten books you planned on taking? By golly, you boot up that Nook and download to your heart’s content for under a pound (12.1 ounces). Whhoooweee and hot damn. CHOICES!

Is someone pressuring you to pick one format over another? You give me a name and I’ll take care of them for you. I know people…oh wait, scratch that last part. You are the READER and this is all about you. You stand up and make your choice and if you want to pick a different format tomorrow, then I say EMBRACE YOUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.


What is my least favorite question to hear from an author? *Okay, this is a note to my authors who recently asked this, I adore you, but pay attention.

I know how to promote a print book, but how do I promote an eBook?

Anyone know the answer? Anyone? You, in the blue sweater? No? Come on people, work with me. Okay, the answer is…wait for it…

Click Cover to BUY BOOK

The same way you would promote every other format of the book. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. You have all the tools you need right at your fingertips. You market and promote your BOOK as a BOOK. It’s pretty simple really.

I am pretty sure that readers want the simple facts. They don’t want to be beaten over the head with your book, they just want to know what it is about and where they can get it. That is when they get to CHOOSE. Will every reader want to read your book? Heck no. So what. Do you want to read every book out there? Of course not, you silly goose!

Just give them the facts and let them know that you and your BOOK is there for them.

The publishing industry is a multi-faceted empire that offers such diversity and wonder. It shouldn’t be traumatic or stressful for anyone, not reader, not authors. BOOKS have two basic functions. Either to entertain or to educate. So let’s not make it so difficult. Let’s just READ!