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Drop and give me four!

Oh my gosh. I have been trying to read more Blogs lately, see what’s going on with the rest of the industry and other authors. I have seen a couple of names popping up in some of the same places as mine and I was more than a little annoyed with these people. Why, you ask? Of course you do!

Signature lines.

I know people consider signature lines a small thing, but not when they are 16 and 21 lines long. Seriously? Yes. That is the length of two sig lines that I keep seeing. In most cases, their sig lines are longer than their comments and in my opinion that is just rude. You may not care what I think, but consider other readers who look at all those lines and the fact that you felt the need to share every detail of your writing career with them on someone else’s Blog. Not cool, man.

After all these years on the Internet, I have discovered one thing holds true for almost all forums, groups, and the like. 4 lines. That’s FOUR max! In many cases, if you include more than 4 lines in your sig, moderators will delete your posts without them ever seeing the light of day. How do I know this? Experience.

Have you not learned from reading my blog that nearly everything I post about is based on my own personal experience?

So let’s be a little courteous to our fellow Bloggers and DROP those extra lines. Keep it simple. Need examples?

Karen L. Syed, President, Echelon Press LLC


Karen L. Syed, author of Devlin’s Wicked Wish
http://tinyurl.com/kls-dww-smash  (FREE)
Twitter: @echelonpress

or even

Karen L. Syed, President, Echelon Press LLC
author of Dark Shines My Love

Click Cover to Dwnload FREE eBook

See how easy that is? If you are really clever you can turn your titles into buy links, but I like to use tinyurls in case there is a formatting issue, they can see what the links should be and I don’t miss out on potential sales. And it’s okay to make your sig lines a bit clever. After all, you are trying to attract people to t he information and clever works.

So here is your chance. Post your signature line in the comments here and at the end of the day I will choose the most cleverly implemented sig line and the winner will get a $5.00 Gift Certificate as my special Halloween treat (cause candy is bad for your teeth.)

So tell your friends to drop by this post for their chance to win.


Writers Marketing Group Blog Exchange

If you aren’t Stephen King or Nora Roberts, chances are you’ll have to do much of your own promotional work on your own dime.  More and more authors are saving their dimes and scheduling blog book tours.  Some authors pay other people to arrange these things while others, like me and quite a few of my friends, arrange our own.  The difficult part is finding new websites to guest blog once you’ve hammered away a few times at each of your friends’ websites! 

Knowing that most authors run into this same predicament, I thought it might be a good idea to create a community where writers can network for the purpose of guest blogging and learning how to promote themselves inexpensively and cooperatively. 

That community is called the Writers Marketing Group (http://writersmarketinggroup.com/).  Several free services will be available to authors through this program.  The first one is The Writers Marketing Group Blog Exchange (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WMGBlogExchange/). 

The Writers Marketing Group Blog Exchange is a database of participating writers who are willing to host guest bloggers on a one-for-one exchange (you host them on your blog one day and they host you on their blog one day).  This means no more wasting time hunting for new venues to guest blog when you have a new book release or taking precious writing time to seek out new authors to guest blog on your site when you need them.  There are no fees, no charge to register, and you can use the database as much as you like.  

I hope you’ll consider joining The Writers Marketing Group Blog Exchange and help me spread the word to other writers – No matter what genre, from YA to erotica, we’ve got it covered.  While it is a Yahoo group, it is not a discussion list that will fill your mailbox or suck up your time.  I send a maximum of one email per week with guest blogging tips and special guest blogging opportunities passed on by members.  Just think of it as a really big tool in your promotional toolbox.

Please join now by going to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WMGBlogExchange/ 

Thanks for your time!

Lisa Pietsch
Follow my blog at http://www.LisaPietsch.com
Seven Souls-a-Leapingis now available from Sapphire Blue Publishing
Join the Writers Marketing Group Blog Exchange!


I’m a Stylish Blogger

Well, Patricia thinks I’m stylish, at least my Blog. She sent me this Stylish Blogger award. So, maybe I’m not so stylish, but I am fun!

At any rate, rules are, I have to (1) share seven things about myself, (2) pick 15 other Blogs to share this award with, and (3) actually tell those bloggers I chose them.

1. I am addicted to dill pickles and buy them by the big jar from Sam’s Club.

2. I love John Tesh’s music.

3. I LOVE reading VERY graphic Thrillers. I don’t even mind when they do bad things to kids and animals (it is just fiction!)

4. I am afraid of heights.

5. I get nauseous on escalators.

6. I am very ugly in the morning (physically and emotionally).

7. I have been to Walt Disney over 50 times.

And as a special token of my appreciation for great bloggers, I offer this Stylish Blogger Award to the following (in no particular order):

1.   Ellis Vidler – Crime Fiction
2.   Kieryn Nicolas – Teenage Author
3.   Nicole Zoltack
4.   Seth Godin
5.   The YA Lit Six
6.   An Englishman in New Jersey
7.   Jen Wylie’s Blog
8.   The Frugal eReader
9.   AuthorGuy’s Blog
10. Thrills,. Chills, and Romance
11.  A Writer’s Life
12.  A Write of Passage
13.  Mike Cane’s XBlog
14.  Chris Redding – Author
15. Robert Goldsborough