I’m a Stylish Blogger

Well, Patricia thinks I’m stylish, at least my Blog. She sent me this Stylish Blogger award. So, maybe I’m not so stylish, but I am fun!

At any rate, rules are, I have to (1) share seven things about myself, (2) pick 15 other Blogs to share this award with, and (3) actually tell those bloggers I chose them.

1. I am addicted to dill pickles and buy them by the big jar from Sam’s Club.

2. I love John Tesh’s music.

3. I LOVE reading VERY graphic Thrillers. I don’t even mind when they do bad things to kids and animals (it is just fiction!)

4. I am afraid of heights.

5. I get nauseous on escalators.

6. I am very ugly in the morning (physically and emotionally).

7. I have been to Walt Disney over 50 times.

And as a special token of my appreciation for great bloggers, I offer this Stylish Blogger Award to the following (in no particular order):

1.   Ellis Vidler – Crime Fiction
2.   Kieryn Nicolas – Teenage Author
3.   Nicole Zoltack
4.   Seth Godin
5.   The YA Lit Six
6.   An Englishman in New Jersey
7.   Jen Wylie’s Blog
8.   The Frugal eReader
9.   AuthorGuy’s Blog
10. Thrills,. Chills, and Romance
11.  A Writer’s Life
12.  A Write of Passage
13.  Mike Cane’s XBlog
14.  Chris Redding – Author
15. Robert Goldsborough


4 responses to “I’m a Stylish Blogger

  1. Gratefuul for sharing this

  2. Wow! I’m a stylish blogger too. If you could only see me when I write–“stylish” wouldn’t be your first thought. 😀

  3. John Tesh? Really? Just kidding. I listen to his radio show and have a couple of albums. Good music to listen to. And yes you have a stylish blog. Reggie

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