Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping Into Healing Energies

tapping400I have known about this book for quite some time, but it took a “miracle” of sorts to allow me to open my mind enough to actually read it. A friend of mine, Mary Cunningham, who is on her own personal journey, sent me an email recently and suggested that I try to get in touch with a Reiki practioner for a Reiki massage. I was stunned. I could not believe the words, Mary is one of the most skeptical people I know, at least she used to be. Mary went on to tell me about an experience she had had, and I was amazed to realize the change in her voice and her choice of words, her overall attitude. I was talking to this fresh and invigorated person who was more excited about something than I think I had ever seen her. It warmed me. It inspired me. So when Mary said she had read “Ever-Flowing Stream: Tapping into Healing,” twice, and loved it, I decided to put my well being in Mary’s hands. Turns out I was putting it in my own hands.

Dana Taylor has offered up her view of something that has not always been widely accepted. Reiki and self-healing are often considered “unsavory” to say the least. Dana offers her personal background with regard to life and how to get the most out of it. She doesn’t give the meaning of life, but she certainly offers insight into how to give one’s life meaning.

Powerful stories and raw emotion are masked beneath her subtle humor and downhome personality. While the book is not a tutorial or a lesson, it is a guidepost to consider something more.

As a Muslim, I will say that I sometimes found her Christian analogies a bit confusing, but they did not detract from the ultimate goal of the book. I did not read this from my religious self, I read it from my whole self. I would especially tell anyone who has issues with forgiveness to read this book. But be forewarned, it won’t change your life. You will have to do that yourself, and Dana Taylor helped me realize how much I want to achieve.


One response to “Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping Into Healing Energies

  1. Karen–I am gratified that you found some inspiration in “Streams” and grateful that you have taken the time to post your review hither and yon. Of course, you of all people know how hard it is to shine a light on a humble Indie book.

    I know you have had so many challenges and continue to have daunting health issues. All I can say is, welcome to our side! “Streams” doesn’t begin to tell the amazing things that I’ve seen or that are happening in energy medicine.

    Frankly, I am surprised that you are open to these ideas. The Karen I met several years ago didn’t seem approachable about such things. But, as science and vibrational medicine find more common ground, it will take a lot of the hocus-pocus out of Reiki and other healing modalities.

    I hope you find some quality practitioners in your area. Energy healers can set you on a new course. And, yes, I believe forgiveness of self and others can open the path to true healing–physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    I’ve just started working on the sequel, taking 10 years of journals and hoping to make a cohesive book out of our Supernal Adventures. You have inspired me to get with it!

    Let me know how I should pray for you, and I will send you distance healing energy.


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