Guilt is a wonderful tool…

Bruce Butgereit, left, and Gary Baar discuss plans for the plaque that will be placed on the boulder outside the Dutton Fire Station. (C) Sheila McGrath

I heard from my cousin Pam and she had an update on her brother Gary. They have put him on an EMCO machine to hopefully strengthen and stabilize him for further treatment. I recently posted a plea to help Gary and his family and there has been no response at all. Not one dime! Now, I realize this is not your problem, but here are a few things that I discovered. These are the things people (my facebook friends) are giving their money for.

Please find a little bit and help my family, we all help others and I am asking you to help my family. Actually I am begging. If this offends anyone, I apologize, but my family needs help.

Help Revolutionary CeCe McDonald! $7,376 of 10k

Ashoka Mukpo – Fight Against Ebola $50,289 of 100k (went over there WILLINGLY to cover story.

Ecigs. Our right not to smoke Tobacco. $75,678 of 100k

Gary Baar, owner of Cook’s in Dutton, holds a tray of coney dogs and hot dogs on Tuesday, March 27, where Mlive’s Todd Chance and John Serba stopped in search for the best, authentic coney dog in Grand Rapids. (Emily Zoladz |

Let’s Raise Money for Pete! $2,311 of $3,000 (Pete is a dog)

Star’s Fight against the Blackhole $2,590 of $5,000 (a cat)

Help Launch Kilted Bros. Kilts! $2,262 of $3,450

Bite Back! Save the Bark Bar! $2,617 of 25k

Help Open Delicious Surprise $9,575 of 10k


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