The Loss of a Friend

I came to the Garbriel House of Care on December 30, 2013 a couple weeks after my surgery at Mayo Clinic. I wasn’t too sure about Gabriel House. Community living, no food or TV in the rooms, and lots of people all around. I was convinced it would cramp my style.

I’ve been here more than a month now and I can’t tell you how wrong I was. This place is a gift from God. I can’t imagine what the healing process would have been like if we’d had to spend three months in a hotel. But the best part of this place is the people. Every other person at Gabriel House is a patient. The others are their caregivers. If you know somene who is taking care of a sick loved one, you be extra special kind to them. They have the worst job ever and their only pay is love.

I have met some wonderful people who have really touched my life. Today, three of them left. Two went home and I am so pleased for them. Even though I will miss them, I am confident our friendships will endure. I miss you already Catherine and Sue.

But we also suffered a loss today. Several weeks ago, a couple blew into the house with more energy and enthusiasm than should be legal. In their 70s they were more vibrant than most of the rest of them. Joel in particular was a feisty one. Always quick with a joke or a compliment, and always flirting with all the girls. An absolute gem.

Well, Joel was here to fight back his cancer. We all thought he was doing great, but a couple of days ago, they discovered things things weren’t that good. Joel passed away this morning, and I can tell you, we are all feeling the loss. You don’t imagine that you can care about someone after such a short amount of time. But Joel was a breath of fresh air and that is one light in my life I don’t think will go out any time soon. RIP Joel, you are already missed.

Cherish the friends you have, they don’t live forever.


One response to “The Loss of a Friend

  1. I’m so sorry. That is a loss.

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