Strong Spirits by Alice Duncan (Review)


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I truly enjoyed this book. I adore Daisy Gumm and the secondary cast of characters is delightful. While the time period is one of my favorites, and I love mysteries, I am having a hard time figuring out where it belongs. There is a bit of a mystery but it takes a back seat to the other goings on. the story had good pacing, the characters came to life easily for me, but I seem to have missed the climax of the book. All questions are answered, but left the mystery element lacking.

I will read more of these books as I enjoy Alice Duncan’s style and voice, but I won’t expect as much in the mystery department.

Worth the read if you enjoy reading.


One response to “Strong Spirits by Alice Duncan (Review)

  1. “Worth the read if you enjoy reading.” *chortle* … love this!

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