What you DON’T get in a Cardiac Wing

burgerWell, I am checked into the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Everyone has been really nice so far. I have received my IV…the tech was pretty good, she got it on the first try. That is a rarity for me, I am a tough stick.

Last night was a rough night, almost no sleep and lots of stressful worry. Hubby is being a real trooper, making every effort to keep me positive. Right now, positive bites! But I know things will be better once this is all done.

I think the worst part of any stay in the hospital is the diets. Being a cardiac/diabetic leaves me with minimal choices of multi-flavored cardboard. Still trying to figure out the logistics of sneaking in food. LOL

Yesterday was a nice day for me. My Aunt Susan, who lives nearby, picked us up at the airport and hung out with us for dinner at the hotel. It was the first time we’d seen each other since before I graduated high school. I really enjoyed the visit and hope we can spend a little more time together before we go home.

Did I mention I am scared? I really don’t like being scared and I don’t like not having control of my own life. I just hope when all is said and one, I get back the weird sense of normal I had before.

Well, the 80 mgs of Lasix are kicking in (I know, too much information) so I must close out. Updates to come later.


6 responses to “What you DON’T get in a Cardiac Wing

  1. Surgery and hospitals are always frightening, but you’ll come out of it healthier and stronger. Recover quickly. You’ll soon be back to normal.

  2. corydonchristiandofc

    Bread that cardboard and deep fry it. You’ll be surprised at how much better it tastes.

    Looking forward to your posts after this is over.

    Marian Allen
    Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

  3. Surrendering out Selves to others is the most courageous thing we can do. Take care. Remember to breathe.

  4. internetreviewofbooks

    I’ll be thinking of you also. Here’s to a quick and complete recovery. But when you get out, stay away from those greasy burgers and fries.

  5. i’ll be thinking of you, Karen.

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