Warranty Void?

honda-spark-plugsAnd the hits just keep on coming. I won’t even go into the whole diet issue. I’ll skip right to the recall. That’s right folks; one of the wires on my ICD device (pacemaker/defibrillator) is on recall. Really? What am I, a Toyota? Then the doctor tells me to think of this as my 50,000 mile checkup. What, are doctors trained to read minds now? LOL

I also have a heart murmur. Did I mention that yesterday? I also have a left bundle branch block that is causing some issues. So Probably on Wednesday I get to go back into surgery, have my ICD taken out and a new one with a two original good wires and a new third wire. Woohoo. How excited am I?

They took me off the meds that were blocking the arrhythmia problems, and now that they are flushing it out, I am feeling those blips coming back. Set off my little alarm last night. Guess I just needed some attention. LOL

All in all this is good news, but I sure as hell don’t want to have to deal with all this. Hubby is being such a good guy. He is staying here in the hospital with me and I feel so bad that he is cooped up and not eager to leave me alone. He is the best husband ever.


3 responses to “Warranty Void?

  1. Hang in there, Karen. Sending good thoughts from Texas!

  2. I’m in line for replacement of two valves. I may have to stop reading this until you’re home safe and healthy! 😉

  3. If someone suggests you need a grease and oil change, or tries to kick your tires … hit ’em!

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