The 12/12/12 Day of Holiday eReads


Click links below to Buy on Kindle!

  1. Totally Decked by Gale Borger (Short Mystery)
  2. An Angel’s Wish by Karen L. Syed (Short Time-Travel Romance)
  3. Steampunk Santa by Marc Vun Kannon (Short Steampunk)
  4. Christmas With Daisy by Mary Cunningham (Short Juvenile Fiction)
  5. Special Gifts by Lois Carroll (Short Fiction)
  6. Dead Holiday by Jeffrey Martin (Short Fiction)
  7. Cold Comfort by Ellis Vidler (Romantic Suspense)
  8. Bite Deep by Marc Vun Kannon (Short Vampire)
  9. The Hanakkuh Time Capsule by Yvonne Eve Walus (Short Fiction)
  10. A Merry Little Murder by Mary Welk (Cozy Mystery)
  11. Cuffed Vol 5. : The Christmas Tree Caper & Joe’s No Doze by Bill Howe and Suzanne Rorhus (Short Juvenile Non-Fiction)
  12. Tell us YOUR favorite Holiday read!!


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