What are you worth?

I’ve got a question for you readers out there. As an author, I am always looking for new readers who think I don’t suck. As a publisher, I am always looking for new customers.

Is there a difference? There seems to be a lot of debate on whether or not books that are free or priced low are of lesser value than the higher priced ones.

If you, as a reader, frequent the bargain shelves and gravitate to the FREE downloads in the online stores, does that make you less of a reader? If readers are people, then if you are less of a reader, then are you less of a person?

I am not one of the people who attributes price to value. There are many wonderful things out there that are free and priceless…love, respect, consideration, honor, why don’t those values translate in other venues?

Back to the original question. Do less expensive or FREE books because you think they might not be as good?

Where do you draw the line?

If you’d like to give my writing a try, you can check out Seducing Cupid on your Kindle for only $ .99 or if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can read it for FREE.


2 responses to “What are you worth?

  1. I agree with Peter. Although it was for free the free review is worth it. I also think it is a good marketing ploy to read other books because you liked the free one and hope that reader gives lip service by telling other potential fans about it. If it is for free and the resultant miriade downloads put your stock in the best seller rank on Amazon then wel booya. Win win. It is a hard choice.

  2. Interesting question, Karen. My grandfather owned an orchard and sold far more apples when he increased the price because people believed they must be better.

    With books, I have no idea where the limit lies.

    One message from the 2010 Digital Book Fair in London was that you should not undervalue your skills and time. Readers should not expect well written and well produced books to cost next to nothing. Value is not only in the text. An ebook can have a high perceived value when enhanced to include an author interview; the editing process revealed and alternative endings that were considered; interesting snippets from research that did not make it into the story; tempter chapters from other books you have written and links to purchase them at a discount.
    All best wishes

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