Help me discover the mysteries of eReaders

I have been reading eBooks for over a decade now and I will never give them up. As a publisher, I have had to try and learn everything there is to know about every aspect of the electronic book industry and I am failing horribly. Okay, not so much failing, as finding it impossible to keep up.

Every day someone comes to me and asks me to explain eBooks and eBook readers to them. I am fine with the eBook part, but my experience with the eReaders is very limited. I would like to ask you all to tell us about your experiences with your eBook reader.

1. What eBook reader(s) do you own or have you owned?

2. What factors played the key roles in your purchase decision?

3. What is your favorite eBook reader?

4. Please tell us 3 things you love about your favorite eBook reader.

5. Please tell us 3 things you hate about your least favorite eBook reader.

Your answers are greatly appreciated. There are so many people out there who want to know what “real” people think.

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8 responses to “Help me discover the mysteries of eReaders

  1. I’ve had a Sony PRS 505 (old eink reader) and now I have a Nook Color. I liked them both. The Sony was great for reading outside, and it had fantastic battery life.

    I really like my Nook Color though, for a lot of reasons:

    1. I’ve got Android on an SD card, and I boot into either Android mode or Nook mode, so I have access to all Android apps, which means it’s a full tablet in addition to an e-reader.

    2. I love the color screen

    3. I like the wireless capabilities, so I can download books directly to the Nook Color without needing to hook it to my computer.

    4. I like the look and feel,. Not to light. Not too heavy and balanced well for reading.

    The battery life is okay. I charge it about every other day, but that works for me. Except when camping. Then I miss my old Sony.

  2. I have a Kindle (the older one). It’s actually my kids’ Kindle; it was gifted to them. I’ve always been a book person and wasn’t contemplating making the switch. But I have found that I do like it.

    As far as what my favorite e-reader is, it’s the Kindle right now, but it’s the only one I’ve really experienced. I’ve tried to read on an iPad (again, someone else’s) and wasn’t crazy about the experience, but that was a while ago. Perhaps the experience is getting better in iBooks. For Kindle, I like the non-backlit screen; it feels very much like reading a regular ol’ book. I also like that I can find books for not too much money. I’m still in the mindset that if I’m going to pay above a certain amount for a book, I’d like to have something physical. But I’ve found a few books for between 99 cents and 5 dollars that I’ve been VERY happy with. It’s a great way to experiment with new (to me) authors and not spend a lot and not take up more bookshelf space (which is all used up, anyway, at this point). I also love the ease of getting a new book and the way it bookmarks your current spot so when you turn it on, you’re right where you need to be.

    Since Kindle is the only one I know halfway well, I will say that I still prefer reading a dead tree book, but that will likely change. I still prefer to go browse in a brick and mortar store, also, over their online storefront. But as far as ease of browsing, the Kindle store is not bad. One thing I didn’t like about the iPad experience is the feeling that you’re reading on a computer screen, which feels odd to me.

    I tend to think that iPad might end up being the dominant e-reader just because it can do SO many other cool things. But it will take some getting used to for me.

    Hope this is the sort of thing you’re looking for!

  3. I’ve owned the Kindle 2 for about 18 months. It was the current version when I bought it, hence the decision, although I had already decided on a Kindle after comparing it to the Nook. I like the speed with which the Kindle boots up and turns the pages, which is faster than the Nook. I also like being able to shop on the Kindle and the ease of connecting it to the PC if I need to move things between the 2. Kindle also has a very helpful online presence (Kindleboards being one place) for assistance with all kinds of Kindle related questions.

    I haven’t tried any other ereader, so can’t offer any negative comments, but I do know several former Nookers who have converted to the Kindle.

    I’d love a copy of your new book (let me know if you need my email addy again).

  4. I have a basic Kindle, given to me 2 years ago for xmas by my daughter (because I requested it). I love that I can download samples to read so I can decide whether to buy the book. I love that it’s so handy and that the books are immediately accessible, no muss, no fuss. I also read PDF files on my mini laptop computer. Does that count? That is also cool because I can sit on my couch with the thing in my lap and read comfortably without having to sit at my desktop. Sorry, but I can’t think of 3 things I hate about my ebook reader. Oh, well maybe one. I hear they’re trouble when you go through security at the airport, and I already have enough trouble because I am newly hip … as in new hip joint which set off the machines like crazy. And I’m not crazy about the full body grope.

  5. Hi, Karen…

    1. I own a NookColor and love it.
    2. My kids bought it for me for my birthday last year, but I’d been eying it for a long time. Had I actually purchased it myself, it would’ve been for the color aspect, the solid feel of the device itself, and the extras like internet access, changing font size or orientation, etc.
    4.Now that I’ve used it for a year, I love: 1.) that I keep discovering new things about it everyday; 2.) the fact that I can take a full library of books with me wherever I go (I travel a lot and dragging multiple books with me for a long flight is out of the question), and 3.) I can read my own books (the ones I’ve written) on it. What a thrill!
    5. I don’t know anything about other eReaders, so I’ll pass on this question.


    Deb Harper

  6. 1. iPad2
    2. I’m all for simplification–it was important to me to have a SINGLE device that would handle everything I want to do (word-processing, email & Internet, graphic art & photography, planning & organizing, calendar & addresses, music & movies, sudoku & crosswords… AND my library!) I’ve completely taken up residence in my iPad. 😉
    3. iPad2 is my first
    4. (1) I can highlight and add my own notes to the text–I’m a shameless marginalia-scribbler, and that doesn’t change with my e-Reading. (2) I do love the visuals of bookshelves and turning pages–it still feels like reading a BOOK. (3) I’m so happy to be able to adjust font-size when my eyes are tired, tap a word for a definition, have the book open right to the page where I left off… Just a few little bonuses over the paper-version.
    5. I don’t HATE anything, but some things I can’t currently do but would enjoy… I’d love to be able to write or sketch on pages (currently I can add typed notes only)… I’d love to be able to “tuck things in the pages,” so to speak–attaching a photo or file to a page as if it were a sticky-note… I’d love to be able to highlight-and-copy from the pages (no, I don’t want to plagiarize, just to be able to quote from books without re-typing)…

  7. I have the Kindle Fire now after a year using the Kindle reader. The ease of use attracted me as well as having my whole library in the palm of my hand and could carry it with me. I love the Kindle Fire as an ereader due to the screen being bright which allows me to read in darkened room while others are watching TV. I can also listen to music on it via earphones while reading. Of course being able to surf the web, check FB and Email on the same devise is phenomenally entertaining and enjoyable. I haven’t found anything to hate about my old Kindle or the new one yet. I think eventually as these devises become more widely used they might replace books like mp3 players have replaced records and now even CD’s. Lost and Found looks like a great read for my wife for Christmas. Have a great one.

    • Hi Karen!

      I have the Kindle (not the touch screen-the most basic version). I love it.

      2. Originally I had planned to buy the Kindle for my daughter to encourage her to read-I then appropriated it :). I really love the ease of purchasing books (especially since so many brick and mortar stores are going the way of the dinosaur). I also love the screen-it’s very easy to read, even in bright light.

      3. As of right now, the Kindle is my favorite, but that may change :). Hint-one of my kids may be getting a Nook color this Christmas, so I may be changing my allegiance.

      4. Three things I love about the Kindle-ease of book purchase, lightweight and easy to carry, capable of holding a virtual library of books.

      5. The main thing I don’t like-no touch screen on the version I purchased. I’m used to touch screens, so it was a little difficult to adapt at first. The other things I don’t like-tiny keys (try to hit one and you’ll hit two) and some difficulty in navigating to different parts of the book.

      Hope this was helpful! Have a great holiday!


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