Sean Hayden…the man

There comes a time in your life when you really must step down off your personal pedestal and give credit to other human beings (or dogs, or cats, if you feel that strongly about them.)  Today, I am giving a shout out, heads up, or whatever clever little saying you want to use to Sean Hayden.

Not too long ago, Echelon’s Sr. Editor stepped down (so she could have a life). Kat had been with us for a very long time and I was devastated. Then out of nowhere,  a voice whispered in my ear, “Hey, you need help with anything, I’m your man.” Or something like that. Some time before that Sean Hayden had signed a contract, actually two, with Echelon for his Vampire series. Now, I’ll admit, I wondered what this devilishly handsome and mild-mannered young man could do to help me.

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He soon answered my question. Sean stepped in a the new Sr. Editor for Echelon Press. Since then he has picked on, teased, coddled, inspired, and encouraged me. Who woulda thunk it?

On top of his day job, where he is some kind of master with fiber something or other wires or some such thing, he has helped reorganize Echelon Press. He has brought in several new authors who are delightful in their own rights. He has also become one of my most prolific authors.

Over the next year Sean will see six short stories published as part of our new Quake Electric Shorts program. He is writing The Magical Steam Carnival of Professor Pelusian Minus with his eleven-year-old son, Connor. It is a wonderful series and it warms my heart to see Sean working with his son on this project.

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We also released Sean’s first steampunk short Lady Dorn. I encourage you to check it out. And speaking of steampunk, Sean will have a story in the upcoming Echelon anthology Her Majesty’s Mysterious Conveyance.

And we should not exclude Deceptions, his upcoming and eagerly anticipated follow-up to Origins.

I would be remiss if I did not tell you all what a swell guy Sean is. I have discovered that there is little he isn’t willing to endure for his friends and I count myself lucky that he found his way into my company and my life.

Have a super day!

*Sean, can you please mail that check now. I did what you wanted.


4 responses to “Sean Hayden…the man

  1. Loved Origins, and I’m not even a vamp fan. Karen and co need a medal for their fab covers. I love them all.

  2. I think Sean is an up and comer in the literary world and have enjoyed his work very much so far. He is a writer with a sence of humor, which is much needed at this time. You will always be pleasently surprised with each novel or short story he publishes and I for one look forward to the next one. Kudos to Karen Syed for recognizing his potential and giving him the responsibility to help run Echelon Press day to day operations. They are a small press but have a big footprint in the literary world.

  3. Sean is pretty neat isn’t he 🙂

  4. I think you covered all the basics of his awesomeness.. except he has really gorgeous hair too…. 😀 hehe

    OH, and he puts up with ME too 😀

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