It all Started…

Okay, I wrote this post while on my trip but could not get good enough access to post it. So just prend that we have gone back in time and it is actually happening, though for obvious reasons I will NOT be traveling back with you.

 * * *

Well, here I am. I am sitting in the parlor of my husband’s parent’s house in Islamabad, Pakistan. We have been here since Sunday. For those of you wondering why we chose Pakistan, it is because of family. This is my husband’s birthplace and he comes every year to see his family. This is my first trip abroad and I am really enjoying it. Did I mention I am writing this in the dark? Load-sharing. Every two hours the lights go off for an hour. The family all gathers in one room and talks. It is amazing to see families talking. This is something sorely lacking in American culture. People don’t talk AT you here, they talk TO you.

Let’s start at the beginning.

We flew Delta and Emirates. The food on Emirates was better than most restaurant food I have had. I was in absolute heaven. The planes are really nice and I got to catch up on my movies a bit. I watched G.I. Joe, not bad. I enjoyed it, but I won’t need to buy it for rewatching.

The Proposal

Then I watched The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Now, I must say that everyone out there better hope I NEVER become the kind of publisher that Sandra played in this movie. On the other hand, this was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a VERY long time. It was 3 am, everyone else was sleeping on the plane and I was laughing out loud. Hubby shooshed me several times. It was FABULOUS!!

I also watch UP. I really really enjoyed that one. Will definitely need to own both of the latter DVDs.

Okay, my actual visit.

Day 1: I arrived at Pakistan at 2 am. My luggage did NOT! It seems Emirates chose not to put 10 pieces of luggage on and 3 of them were mine.

Day 2: Still no luggage. I am wearing the same clothes I flew in because NO ONE in Pakistani is the same size as me. Went shopping for clothes to change into. Nothing. Mother-in-law and sister-in-law had some fabric so we took it to the tailor to have an outfit made for me. Will pick it up on Monday.

Day 3: Luggage finally arrived at noon. Shortly after picking up suit that was made too small. STILL wearing clothes I flew in.

Day 4: Woke up at 3 a.m. sick. Trying not to be a downer, and after lunch went shopping with MIL, SIL, husband and 14-y-o nephew. Still sick, but able to buy fabric for 5 more outfits. Never too sick to shop.

I am loving the food, though milk straight from (whatever animal) is giving me some issues. Did I mention the food is AWESOME?

Now let’s talk about the traffic and driving. Wrong side of the road…was prepared for that. But there do not appear to be any traffic signs, speed limits, or traffic lights that work. It is my observation that EVERYONE drives on the same side of the road–the MIDDLE–going both directions. I am not the squeamish type, but both trips out into traffic almost rendered me unconscious! No exaggeration.

Just found out that we are going to Lahore on Sunday and the following Sunday there will be a small gathering for us with just family, only 40 people. OY!

Well, that is it for today’s update. For those of you wondering what the publisher in me is doing while here. I am editing a manuscript, have been working on royalty statements (inserting data) and checking out the local bookstores. There are TONS of bookstores around here. How cool is that?

Until next time…


One response to “It all Started…

  1. The trip sounds so awesome! Hope you will post some pictures.
    ps-hope the manuscript you were reading was mine!

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