Getting to Know Anne Carter aka Pamela Ripling

Anne CarterCreating fiction gives one the power to design other lives, filled with romance and adventure, intrigue and passion. My own writing career began in middle school creative writing class, inspiring me to later major in literature. All it took was one teacher’ encouragement and I was on my way. 

Always a big fan of the motion picture, I began “seeing” movies in my head and ultimately succumbed to the nagging voice telling me to write them down. After gaining publishing credits in the prestigious periodical THEMA Literary Journal and PEACE Magazine, my short stories became novellas and then novels. Women’s romantic fiction came naturally for me, and in between books I ventured into teen problem stories and eventually wrote LOCKER SHOCK! (Quake Press, ISBN 978-1-59080-581-7), a middle grade reader about a boy and an unwanted gun. 

As for the personal stuff, I’m a Virgo, a procrastinator, like warm better than cold and drink neither Coke nor Pepsi. I was born in the Midwest but migrated to California at the ripe old age of 2. My hobbies include doll collecting, photo restoration and writing, of course. My favorite sport is ice hockey, my favorite TV show at the moment is LOST although I don’t watch the tube much. I am married to my hero of 30 years and have 3 sinfully excellent children. 

As a free-lance writer, I author a monthly column for my local chamber of commerce. I maintain a website, write for several blogs and publish a periodic digital newsletter. Oh, and then there’s all that social networking stuff… 

I am also a lighthouse fanatic, and I guess it was only a matter of time before my obsessions collided and I wrote my latest release, POINT SURRENDER (Echelon Press, ISBN 978-1-59080-514-5). I actually spent days (and nights) holed up alone inside of a lighthouse while writing that book. What a trip that was! 

As a writer, my biggest obstacle is allocating enough time to write, edit and market my books while trying to run my business and raise my children. Squeezing extra minutes out of an already jam-packed day is a challenge all writers must face. Next up for me? The second romantic lighthouse mystery, CAPE SEDUCTION, is slated for publication in 2010, and I am knee-deep in edits on another middle reader called OLD ENOUGH. The third and final novel in the StarCrossed trilogy, titled THE GYPSY IN ME, is in the works, and soon I’ll begin the third lighthouse book! Isn’t that enough? 

All of my published work can be found at both and, in digital formats, at I am available for speaking engagements, please contact me for topics. I can be reached via email at Visit my website and blog at




One response to “Getting to Know Anne Carter aka Pamela Ripling

  1. This is your cousin Tom. Good to see you & Mike doing so well & that you’re involved in projects that help the people & community around you. Thanks for that one picture of grandma Mary Catherine I hadn’t seen before too. I recently visited my paternal grandfather’s gravesite at Inglewood Park Cemetery over here on the other side of the Santa Monica Mountains. Wasn’t sure how to feel. We didn’t know each other, except for one brief encounter a few weeks before his death in 1969. Your cousin John is doing fine. Tessa will be 33 very soon. Hard to believe my little girl will be 33. She surely doesn’t look it. Blessed be the genes that don’t belong to me 🙂

    Anyway, take care & keep up the good work.

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