Evelyn David: Echelon Press Author Award

MurderOffTheBooks_mded-mttc-mdI knew when I read the first chapter of MURDER OFF THE BOOKS that it would be a winner. The entire book is just that good. But the readers had no way of knowing that until AFTER buying the book. Evelyn David is what I refer to as the Dynamic Duo. 

Marian Borden from New York and Rhonda Dossett from Oklahoma could not be more different if they’d come from different planets. But together they have developed a remarkable team both on and off the “paper.” Their combined effort in writing the story is nearly seamless and together they build characters that are multi-dimensional. 

Evelyn David is also a publisher’s dream team. Being so far apart not only allows for maximum exposure on a geographical level, but their ability to coordinate and implement marketing strategies is just plain brilliant. They have built a great network of fans in both readers and booksellers, and no matter the obstacles they have faced, and there have been plenty, they have never wavered in their efforts to work together to be something spectacular. 

With this all said, it pleases me very much to award Evelyn David (Marian Borden and Rhonda Dossett) my personal Tremendous Team Effort Award from Echelon Press for June 2009. 

Both halves of the team will receive specially designed awards and a gift of appreciation. 

Excellent work, Ladies!

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