Love Saves Lives

desktop-1418309390I have been in a bit of a funk lately. So many things I used to enjoy just aren’t working for me right now. I think it is because of the extremely intense waves of darkness and negativity swarming around nearly everyone.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook, it is how I keep in touch with my friends and family, and it is how I find things to laugh about and smile. But ever since the campaigning started, there has been a drastic decline in positive and funny posts. Everyone is so angry.

And the violence, both physical and emotion. The fiasco with Ellen DeGeneres and alleged racism. Really? Pleeease!

And don’t get me started on the olympics. The racism, the sexism, the flagrant disrespect for the feelings of others. It isn’t about the sports any more, its all about sensationalizing the bad things that happen. The Phelps-Ledecky headline. The vicious Brazillian spectators who thought/think it is all right to boo whoever they choose…Renaud Lavillenie..come on, really? How little you must be to boo and hiss in such a dramatic venue as to make a grown man cry while being watched by the entire world. You nasty little pissants! Sorry, but that is just evil.

I want my world back. I want to feel the love of my friends and family. I KNOW for a fact that love makes a difference. It saves lives. It saved mine.

Look at the homeless victims in Louisiana. It seems like Mother Nature has it out for the Cajun state and I just want to slap her in the head and tell her to leave those people alone. Same with the people in Pakistan. They have endured months of rain and what little so many had has been washed away.

All of those people need to know they are loved and supported. Let’s stop fueling the hate and negativity by ignoring the stupid media antics and focus on sharing our love and healing energy with people who need it the most. It’s our love that will save those people in need. Don’t close your heart or your sense of giving off to those in need. Give what yoou can, when you can. Do what you can, when you can.use-your-voice-for-kindnessyour-ears-for-compassionyou-hands-for-charityyour-mind-for-truthand-your-heart-for-love-kindness-quote

We’ve got to put love back into the equation or we are all doomed. I don’t want to be doomed. I want to see joy and I want to see peace, and more than anything, I don’t want there to be so many people in need, physically or emotionally. I want to love and I want to be loved.




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