Shellbent for Teal

I am getting ready for my first jewelry selling event so I have been making all kinds of neat stuff. I am uploading a ton of things I made today, all with a teal theme. It is all for sale, so if you see something you want to purchase, just jot down the item number listed in the caption and pop me a note at . As always, shipping is free.

Since there are so many, I will post them in sections over the next couple days. Today is Bracelet Day. All one of a kind and they are 7-8″ stretch with no clasp.


Silver Frosted Stretch Bracelet $6.00 (B-104)


Silver Flash Stretch Bracelet $6.00 (B-103)


Teal Pearl Stretch Bracelet $6.00 (B-105)


Shell Teal Frost Stretch Bracelet $6.00 (B-102)


Silver Sparkle Stretch Bracelet $6.00 (B-107)


Topaz shell Stretch Bracelet $6.00 (B-106)


Chunky Shell Topaz Stretch Bracelet $6.00 (B-100)


Shell Sparkle Stretch Bracelet $6.00 (B-101)



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