Best Intentions and a Contest

shocked_monkeySo, I am off my blog schedule. Anyone surprised? Yeah, didn’t think so. But I’m here today and I have a plan. I am going to run my first contest on Heart of a Hero. I am full of inspiration, but it’s all the things I like, and I’m not sure anyone else would like it. So, I want to know what you want.

In the comment section, tell me what kind of piece, or pieces, you’d like to see me make. Keep in mind I’m on drugs and have limited skills to date (but improving daily). I want to step outside my comfort zone and push the envelope, and all those other catchy phrases.

You tell me what you want: color, type of beads, jewelry, suncatchers, etc. Keep it small, please. I will begin making them as you suggest them. Each item will be dedicated to the inspiration (that would be you). On February 23 I will have someone pick a winner (at random) and that person will get their choice of the items I made.


Back in stock! Click image to order now!

This has the potential to be really cool. All I ask, and this is optional, but I have to ask, is that you like my Facebook page and my Etsy shop and maybe even tell your friends about all this. I would really love to build up my sales and be able to give more money to Donate Life.

Thank you!


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