Wearing Sunshine

Click on image to BUY NOW!

Click on image to BUY NOW!

Everyone’s life can use a little bit of sunshine. This braided bead bracelet is bright and cheery. With a variety of fresh colors, this will make an excellent accent for nearly any color outfit. Dressed up, or casual, you wil be walking on sunshine before you know it.

Who is Sharon?

There’s a little place in Jacksonville Florida where people can go to rest/stay while they are being treated at Mayo Clinic. At the Gabriel House of Care, the guests and staff rely on a group of truly motivated and committed volunteers for all manner of things.

Sharon is one of those volunteers. She is one of the friendliest people I’ve met and she shines as bright as the sun. Always quick to share her joy for life, she is a breath of fresh air.

A portion of this items proceeds will be donated to “Donate Life.” This does not suggest any endorsement from the organization, only my desire to support the awareness of Organ Donation after receiving my heart transplant in May 2015.

All items in this shop are handmade by me and I apologize for any “quirks” as I am on numerous prescriptions that cause tremors. My only desire is to support awareness.

**To DONATE an items, please use the following coupon code at checkout. The item will NOT be shipped to you, but will be given to someone who needs the support. (Coupon Code: Donate1)


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