Worth Their Weight in Silver

I have not posted anything on my blog in far too long. You may or may not know that I have been ill lately, but I am doing much better and now have a new doctor. During my down time, I was unable to focus on much, so I tried to do things that did not require a tremendous amount of energy or intelligence. I spent quite a few hours burrowed under a blanket on the couch with Ancestry.com fired up.

I have actually made some good progress. With that said, I would like to direct you over to the genealogy portion of my site. I have posted a bit of info on my gramma and our ancestors. The focus of this last batch has been the Silver branch of the family. This begins with my great grandmother, Hazel Beatrice Silver. I did not know my great grandmother, but I hear she was quite a woman. I am finding that we come from good quality stock.

You can view more about this branch of my family by visiting this link https://karensyed.wordpress.com/karens-family-tree/silver/. Think we might be related?


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