Falling out of Favor on Facebook

I am a huge fan of social networking. I am a very social person and anyone who knows me or has even seen me anywhere knows that to be true. I am a pretty easy-going person and I’d like to think I am likeable. I try to keep myself approachable.

But lately I have found myself to be at the brunt of some people’s opinions on Facebook. I spend a LOT of time on Facebook, more than any other network I belong to. I promote, I share recipes, I whine, I post pictures of me and all manner of things. Generally speaking I try to stay away from topics that include politics and religion. I am after all a Muslim Democrat. Not the most popular of combinations where some are concerned, but it is who I am and I don’t make any apologies for that.

What has been happening lately is that I am being blasted by people on Facebook who have befriended me. Now, I say befriended me, because I don’t go out to find friends. I simply don’t do it. I make myself available and then I decide who I want to be friends with when they send me a request. My question is, why the hell do you ask to be my friend if you don’t like who I am or what I stand for? If you are a Baptist Republican, you can pretty much figure we won’t agree on politics or religion. WHY DO YOU BEFRIEND ME?? I won’t be mad if you don’t. I promise.

What does make me mad is when you ask to be my friend and then you send me pissy ass emails telling me that I should “wake up and smell reality. If you vote for Obama you are just giving him permission to shit all over over America and he doesn’t care if you live or die.” Really? You know damn good and well before you even hit send that I would not agree with this. Did I go on to your Facebook page and send you a message saying…well never mind. I did not. Nor would I ever.

Every single person alive is entitled to their opinion and even if I don’t agree with how you think or feel, I do respect you for having the courage to believe in something. Courtesy, dude. It’s all I’m asking for.

Don’t like my religion? Fine, I’ve got no problem with yours, but okay, if it makes you feel better to rag on me because I have found peace…knock yourself out.

Don’t like my thoughts on politics? Okey dokey, isn’t gonna change how I think or feel, but if you have nothing better to do with your time, then, have it, Pal.

Then there is the note I got today. “How can you possibly consider yourself qualified to choose what other people read when you don’t have sense enough to vote intelligently?” ummm

“There is such a thing as ridiculous and you have stepped into that realm by publishing books for children that probably preach some twisted sense of belief.” er…

Well, there were a few other lines, but this came after I shared a little clip art image that referred to Rush calling smart women whores.

I’ve gone on about this long enough, but I needed to get it off my chest and to remind people out there that Facebook is a social networking site. It is not a fight club. It is not a town hall meeting. It is not a courtroom. Believe what you think is right for you and respect my right to do the same.

And to the rightwing, Rush loving, butt munching sociopath who sent me the Facebook message earlier to day. I can only say, Bite me, Asshat. Oh and have a super day!


3 responses to “Falling out of Favor on Facebook

  1. Oh, Karen, I can’t stand all this stuff either and I’m a Christian and aRepublican–who is rather middle of the road. I was brought up to be respectful of the President no matter who he is or if I agree with what he does. I don’t want to see or read any of this disrespectful crap from anyone. I enjoy your posts, what I don’t agree with I don’t have to comment on.

    We all have the right to our own opinions.


  2. Who needs those jerks anyway is what I say. You are allowed to have an opinion and people should honor that.

  3. You TELL ’em, Sister! 🙂

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