And the Winner is…

Family Matters by Jacqueline Vick

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Well, it is just past noon on Christmas Day and I’d like to say my Begging for Reviews contest was a 100% success, however… I will have to settle for saying it was a huge success.

Last week I offered to give away a Kindle Touch to one lucky winner if reviewers (of any level) posted 50 reviews onto the original Blog post. Here is what happened.

Free Book Sent – 55

Reviews Posted – 25

It’s not bad overall, I hoped for more, but this makes me very happy. On behalf of all the author reviewed, we sincerely thank you for your time and willingness to jump at my request. Your reviews have already began earning us sales and for that we will remain sincerely appreciate.

Now, about the Kindle Touch. I had kept in my mind that if at least 40 reviews were posted, I would go ahead and give away the Kindle. Unfortunately that did not happen. So in the spirit of Christmas, I have decided that I would go ahead and give away a $25.00 gift card to instead.

The winner was chosen by my husband who had no idea what the heck I was doing. He picked a number and that was that.

Congratulations to Jackie Vick.  I will be sending her the gift certificate.

I hope in the future all of you will consider reviewing books (not just ours) on a regular basis. I can also tell you that I hope you will continue to read my Blog and Echelon books. You never know when I might have another contest, or what I might want to give away!!

May this day be filled with nothing but joy to all of you and those you love. Thank you again!!


4 responses to “And the Winner is…

  1. OK, the deadline was too tight for me (work and family and all that), but after Christmas I had a bit of time to myself, so I managed to review Robert P. Bennett’s excellent “Blind Traveler’s Blues”. Here it is: – happy 2012!

  2. Congrats to Jackie. Not sure why but my review is not showing up still. When I posted it, it said it was in moderation queue. Thanks for letting me review though it was fun and as I have a review blog I sure plan on continuing to review. I’ve also added your blog to my RSS feed so I’ll be reading.

  3. Karen, thank you for the contest, the free ebook, and your fine blog. You’re right about book reviews. They can be so hard to get, and we authors need them both for the publicity and for the critical feedback.

    May you and your blog followers have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2012.

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