Pick Your Battles Wisely

Force of Habit by Marian AllenWell, it was bound to happen. After a week of begging for reviews (WTF? Begging for Reviews), I finally got the email I had been expecting–took a little longer than I would have thought. Yes, you guessed it. I pissed someone off by asking for reviews, no “begging like a spoiled child” is what I supposedly, actually did.

What kind of publisher would post a Blog telling the world that no one would review your books?” Have I lost my mind? What the hell as I thinking? Um, the fact that many of our books had no reviews might have been a sign to the world. Furthermore.

Is it your goal in life to ruin the careers of all your authors?” How dare I? No kidding, why would I want readers to tell other readers what they thought of our books. That might actually encourage someone to go out and buy one of the books. I suck!

Perhaps no one reviews your books because you publish mediocre writers who can’t get published anywhere else.” Um..yeah, that’s it. I only publish people who suck.

Come on, Asshat. Really? I have not, nor will I respond directly to this person–who by the way submitted to us and was rejected. Obviously they read my blog and can see my response here. So you all know, I am not taking my professional hat off, but I am tipping it a little to the side.

Who do you think you are? Seriously. You have the audacity to question my intentions and level of professionalism? Did you think I would not recognize your name when you signed your email? I do keep records. Did you think that sending a publisher a note calling them names and insulting them would gain you favor anywhere? Did you really think I would NOT post my response publicly? You obviously have not read enough of my posts. You should consider yourself lucky I did not take off the professional hat, or your name, email address, and web address would be in HUGE bold letters with this response. I’m sure I will get more than one request from Echelon authors to know the name of the person who called them all mediocre.

There is something you obviously have not learned about me throughout the years that I have been blogging and speaking freely about my role in the industry. I am not a lemming. I do not follow along blindly and let everyone else dictate how I run my business or my life. I have every intention of continuing to succeed in this business. I have not “failed to intrigue or energize readers or reviewers with lackluster plots and mediocre writers.” I have published damn good stories that entertain readers. And if some of our books have errors in them, then I sincerely apologize, but we are human.

People, authors, readers, etc, don’t let stupidity rule your life. If you don’t like something, then find a considerate way to say it. This isn’t about publishing, it’s about human decency. I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I say or do, but if you don’t, then either give me constructive advice, or shut the hell up. Don’t keep telling me that I am doing something wrong until you have solid advice on how I can do it better.

I would wager there are tons of people out there who don’t agree with my tactics for gathering reviews, I thank you all for not sending me pissy emails calling me a “hack publisher wannabe.”

With all that said, please don’t think this has swayed me in any way from my path to riches and success. There are still four more days for you to request your book and get those reviews posted on the original blog post to be entered to win the Kindle. So send me those requests. The family won’t mind sandwiches another day so you can finish that book.

And to those of you who have requested books and are sending/posting your reviews. I cannot thank you enough. Your support of Echelon is very much appreciated.


9 responses to “Pick Your Battles Wisely

  1. Since I spent many years as a literary publicist soliciting reviews and frustrated at the lack of follow through, I immediately connected to your plea. Maybe we have a soul sister thing going on here. 🙂

    Anyways, I’m plugging away, doing my part to help out. Wishing the best to you!


  2. I think you should market FORCE OF HABIT as a weight-loss book, because somebody just called me and said he bought it and laughed his ass off.

    Thanks for standing up for us, Boss. 🙂


  3. Obviously you didn’t publish him because deep down you knew he was too good of an author for your company, that must be it, right? Otherwise he’d have to admit that maybe he isn’t as talented as he thinks.
    On another note, I really hope I have the time to finish and review one of your books before Christmas.

  4. I thought the whole idea was a pretty ballsy move, myself.

  5. Interesting. What this individual fails to realize is that nearly all organizations selling a media-based product (movies, books, music) solicit reviews. It is standard practice. I occasionally review DVDs for a web page, and we are sent copies of the films for free.

    The guy who wrote to you is as misinformed as he is bitter.

  6. Actually, I think you have a good idea in soliciting reviews. A lot of readers just don’t think to post them or think they need to write something really involved. Critics like the one you mentioned are best ignored, since they are obviously not your audience anyway. I’ve been soliciting reviews for my own books, so far with modest success. We all have to work hard to get exposure, and that’s just as difficult as writing our books in the first place.

    There’s a saying, “Illegitimi non carborundum,” which is fake Latin for “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” Don’t let the stray critics get under your skin, Karen. They aren’t worth it.

  7. Well don’t they sound charming. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    I personally think this is a great idea, all it takes is one good review and it might inspire someone else to read the book.

    I’ll post my review on Friday.

  8. You can always find someone with an axe to grind. That said, I say go forth and do your thing…to succeed in the shark-infested waters of the publishing industry, you have to be able to take aggressive action, stand your ground, and don’t let any of the naysayers distract you from achieving your objectives.

    If you don’t promote yourself, then who the heck will?

    Best of luck.


  9. Speaking as one of those mediocre writers who can’t get published anywhere else, I’d just like to say thank you once again for taking a chance on me 🙂

    On an unrelated note, I think you and my old gran would have got on like a house on fire 😉

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