Begging for Reviews: UPDATE

Betrayed by Sam Morton

Okey Dokey. I thought I would let everyone know where we stand right now with the review contest.

Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Pop over and read

I have sent out 23 downloads.

I have received 2 reviews.

8 of the 10 titles offered have been requested.

Don’t forget that there is a deadline for this contest, and I hate to be a grinch, but we need to see 50 reviews for me to give that Kindle away.

So tell all your friends. Authors, this is a GREAT way for you to get some promo because you can post your byline with your review. Yeah, I said it. I ENCOURAGE it. If you are willing to take the time to review one of our books, I am perfectly happy for you to get a little play from it. (Just don’t abuse it. LOL)


One response to “Begging for Reviews: UPDATE

  1. Could you possibly extend it to New Years Eve? I am almost done with the first book but I would like to do more!

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