Love Me if You Must by Nicole Young (A Patricia Amble Mystery #1)

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This book showed me once again that the saying you get what you pay for isn’t always accurate. I would not have been at all disappointed if I had paid for this book. I love that I can find books on Kindle for free to discover new authors and I am definitely adding Young to my list.

While the book is not your typical mystery, it offers up a pretty good cast of characters who make great suspects. The story in itself is not typical, but I found it fresh and I loved the new career choice. Quite tired of reading about coffee, tea, cats, and quilting. Home renovation and house flipping being so popular, I hope others will find the treasure here.

Tish is trying to start over, again, and this time she has chosen a Victorian house to renovate and flip. Trouble is, from the moment she arrives, the town seems too eager to sweep her into their drama and mayhem. From a serious case of mistaken identity to a romantic triangle to challenge the ages, Tish is up to her tool belt in trouble. Then there is the whole body in her basement thing…or is it too? It all depends on who’s counting.

I did find a few parts of the book questionable in the logic, but come on people, it’s fiction! And some of the things that bothered other readers had the opposite effect on me because I could really relate. Life isn’t always perfect, and sometimes people do crazy things…it keeps things interesting. The heroine had some seriously wishy-washy moments, but who the hell hasn’t?

The plot is solid, the characters are clever, and overall the mystery is a good one. And for the record, I was not disappointed in anything the jacket copy offered. Nicole Young is now on my pay to read list. You should give it a try: your opinion might be closer to mine than to the naysayers.

Several Amazon reviewers complained about the horrible mistakes in the writing, but honestly, I am sitting here trying to recall them, but I guess I was so entertained by the story that I missed them, and I’m an editor.


2 responses to “Love Me if You Must by Nicole Young (A Patricia Amble Mystery #1)

  1. Claire finds the true about her birth. I wonder how many people really know who they are, for sure. The thrills of romance mixed with the thrill of staying alive, is almost more than she could stand. What is a person really? Do we know as much about people as we think we do? This book will make you look at people in a different lite. A must read on a cool night. Grate plot and characters.

  2. Shaken (review)

    You will have to read this book in order to know all the fear that people live through during and earth quake. I felt as if I knew the people and was going through this earth quake with them. It has made me think of what is important and what isn’t. The power of forgiveness and getting one with ones life. I liked the characters and the description of the location. A must read.

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