The Love /Hate relationship (Guest Blogger)

Young adult stories:

Teens are eating them up. As for adults…well some love them, some don’t.

I love reading young adults books, for various reasons. They are usually an easy read, without extremely complex twists and plots and 4 million characters like some of the ‘heavier’ adult books. Don’t get me wrong, I love adult books too, sometimes my brain likes a break though. Quite often they are also shorter, and written in a way that the pages keep on turning until you’ve reached the end. Rarely do I have to stop and let my brain think about concepts or ideas.

That said, they are also fun to read, full of teen angst and firsts; kisses, loves and heartbreak. I wasn’t a teen myself too long ago, most of the time I still think I am. Even though I’m an adult now, I can still relate to what it was like back then. Readings gives those ‘aww’ moments, and sometimes I cringe, remembering my own awkward firsts. I still think that is better than being reminded of parent meetings and bill payments.

Though I do love young adult books, I can’t read them continuously. The innocent first love and sappiness, the youthful reminders can only entertain me so long before I require a good solid sci fi, a twisting epic fantasy or a raunchy romance. Maybe my old age has jaded me, I tend to prefer I’ve a solid range of genre favorites.

The exact same goes for my writing. I love writing young adult stories for all of those firsts. However I also have the need to write adult books too, things can only progress so far in a young adult book. Eventually an adult story needs to come out.

Young Adult stories- love them or hate them and why? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Jen Wylie is the author of numerous short stories, including her bestselling YA series, Tales of Ever, featured in the Quake Electric Shorts program.

Also by Jen Wylie:

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3 responses to “The Love /Hate relationship (Guest Blogger)

  1. Jen, I enjoy YAs once in a while too. They make a nice break from the harder stuff I usually read. The Forgotten Echo was especially nice, and my grandchildren asked for more of your stories. So now we have several. 🙂 Keep them coming! You have a nice voice–I’ll have to look for your adult stories too.

  2. I enjoyed The Forgotten Echo and so did my 15- and 13-year-old grandchildren. I let them read it during dinner when they were bored by the adult conversation. They asked me to look for more by you–quite a compliment from them. So that’s what I’m doing here–looking for more of your shorts.

    I agree that a steady diet of YA is too much, but I enjoy them once in awhile, kind of a refreshing break from my usual fare of murder, mayhem, and heavy breathing .

  3. I actually didn’t start reading Teen young adult books until just a couple of years ago. I went straight from middle grade to adult books in the 3rd and 4th grades. I really enjoy young adult, but I also enjoy adult. Really, I just like to read good stories.


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