Really? A Water bottle!

I just finished reading a tweet about a little girl who is being bulllied at school because she carries a Star Wars water bottle. Really? Is this what the world has come to? The little girl, her name is Katie, is a big fan, and she is in the first grade. THE FIRST GRADE!!

Now, what I want to know is what in the hell kind of parents raise their first grader to bully someone because of the water bottle they carry? This is NOT the children, this is the parenting, or lack of, I should think in this case. I don’t want to hear any fuss about you can’t control everything your kid does. Oh hell yes you can when they are in the first grade.

I read the post at [] and I wanted to comment, but there were already over 2000 comments. Unfortunately, I could not get to the other link.

When I first read the post I thought perhaps it was a joke, but come on people, this little girl has been robbed of comfort in a place that should be a safe zone for her. School at that age is so critical and kids have to feel good about it.

I think it is wonderful that people are stepping up to support Katie and the gifts and all are cool, but maybe there is something more that needs to be done. Perhaps those of you who are parents could find these various sites and blogs that are talking about this (and the unimaginable number of other kids being bullied) and publicly proclaim your support by swearing an oath to do EVERYTHING in your power to talk to your kids (no matter the age-I’ve seen this in preschools) and teach them how truly cruel and wrong it is to bully others, no matter what.

Take a stand WITH your kids to be role models for kindness and tolerance. As a book geek I spent years being picked on and bullied because I was a “know-it-all.” As a child from a biracial family I was tormented by everyone. As a teen I dressed funny and paid the price socially-I wore what I could afford. There are so many reasons people use to bully others and it is starting earlier than ever before .

Children must be led and we must lead by example. I CHALLENGE you to make your promise of tolerance and your promise to teach your kids tolerance, RIGHT HERE! Don’t let your child be the reason another child cries themselves to sleep and fears to be who they are meant to be.

I hope that Katie will continue to carry her water bottle and I hope that those children who are bullying her will be given the wisdom to shut the hell up and leave her alone.

I salute Katie and her mom for their strength and I PROMISE to do everything I can to offer friendship and support to everyone I can NO MATTER what kind of watter bottle they carry.

And as our friend over at EPBOT []says, Geek Girls, ACTIVATE!


4 responses to “Really? A Water bottle!

  1. I read of a case ten years ago about a boy that was bullied because he wore a Freddie Mercury t-shirt (and the bullies perceived him to be ‘gay’). But ‘Star Wars’?!

  2. I had a kids tease me about my Roy Roger’s lunch pail so I hit em with it. But all kidding aside, there was a 4 year old girl in kindergarden recently who was sent to stand in the corner for 45 minuts and when she wouldn’t stop crying the heartless teacher told her she wouldn’t get a snack later and she didn’t. Bullie teacher. I feal like making that teacher stand in a corner.

  3. Bravo for raising your voice on this important topic! It is important to address not why are children being bullied but why are children bullying.

  4. Just found another site that offers a more detailed version of the story.

    I feel like a dork for sitting here in tears over this, but like so many others, I know how it feels and my heart is just breaking for Katie and all the others.

    Too sad.

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