Chris Redding: Wild and Uncensored

Okay, that title was very misleading, but I had to do something to get you over here. I really want you to get to know Chris Redding. I have had the pleasure of interacting with her for quite a few years now on the Internet boook circuit, and she really is a pretty cool gal. One of the things I like most about Chris is that she is not usually afraid to tell it like it is. Those of you who know my Blog know why I like that.

Once you’ve read this post and gotten to know Chris a little better, please feel free to ask her questions. I know she loves talking with readers and other writers. So, don’t be shy. And don’t make her sit here all day talking to herself.

Chris is also a contributing author on the Criminal Minds at Work Blog with several other…kinda scary people.

When I offered to introduce Chris on Life as a Publisher, I agreed to review her book, Corpse Whisperer. I knew I was in for a real treat when I read the first line. The corpse grabbed her arm with cool fingers.

Grace Harmony can talk to dead people. Really! It’s not always convenient and there are times when being a medic at the hospital is downright hard, given her “gift. When Grace meets her latest “encounter” she soon discovers that time is not on her side, especially where Delores is concerned.

One of the coolest things about this book, other than Grace’s gift, is how she uses it, or better said, how it uses her. Chris Redding has taken a somewhat stale story idea and breathed new life into. Okay, not so much life as…well, yeah, life. Graces little trip back in time is a refreshing way to having a hands on approach to problem solving, and the little twists Redding curls in are absolutely engaging.

The character development is great and Redding has a way of describing things that lets you actually see and feel what is going on. Corpse Whisperer is an excellent read for those of you tired of cookie cutter fiction where everyone looks, smells, and acts the same as everyone else. The characters come to life on these pages and I for one am glad for the chance to have read Corpse Whisperer.

Have you met Chris Redding?

Chris’ discovered at an early age that writing was a part of her when she received her first A on a story written in the fifth grade. Despite her passion for the written word, she didn’t begin writing romantic fiction until later in her life.  She didn’t read many romance books growing up, but after college, discovered the genre fictions of mystery and romance.  Her favorite authors are Suzanne Brockmann and Lisa Gardner, both of whom she has had the pleasure of meeting.

After the birth of her second child, Chris was ready to take her writing to the next level and joined Romance Writers of America and her local RWA chapter.  There she embarked on learning the real craft and business of writing.

Books by Chris:

The Drinking Game (Wings Press 2004) Romantic Suspense

Corpse Whisperer (Enspiron Press 2007) Paranormal Romantic Suspense Kindle

Along the way, Chris has sold stories to confession markets and developed a workshop on writing from the male point-of-view.

I also encourage you to visit Chris’ Blog. She has some pretty neat guests up there.

Here are a few other places you can connect with Chris.




10 responses to “Chris Redding: Wild and Uncensored

  1. Thanks Karen for having me!

  2. Christine Clemetson

    Great post….Its a great book, Chris!!!

  3. Chris, I loved Corpse Whisperer! Great Book! I didn’t realize you were blogging at Criminal Minds at Work, I’ll have to check that blog out.

  4. Authorguy, it’s very similar to Tru Calling, but Grace, my heroine, is actually going to lose her power and in order to be with the hero she must solve the murder.
    Yes, I have had paranormal encounters. The last one was pretty mild. I was doing the ghost tour on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. No, I didn’t see anyone in the pool room. Rather when we entered a stateroom I had the definite sense that someone died. When I was a teen I had many encounters including with a ghost in a friend’s house. He was pretty benign.
    In terms of mothers and writing, remember that your kids are young once and they will help you balance out living with writing.

  5. This sounds very similar to Tru Calling, which I loved. How is it different?

  6. Wow, corpse whisperer sounds right up my alley, I must now go buy. Thanks for the insight Karen

  7. This book sounds fantastic! Am definitely going to have to get a copy!

    Do you have experience with the paranormal? Or was this idea something which simply appealed to you?

    Would love to hear any tips and advice you may have picked up along the way for us mothers who write. 🙂

    Happy writing!

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